10 things I LOVE about YOU {A Father’s Day Note}

Father’s day is here! In my little way of celebrating this yearly remembering on the “real essence of fatherhood”, I examine closely my dear husband and come up with the things that make (keep) me love him most.

To my husband Jesse, this is a way to thank you for all the things you have done for me and to our little bundles of joy. For us you may not be perfect but simply the best!

Here are the things that make me crazily INLOVE with you!

I love the way you call me “boss” and especially when you affectionately name me “bhey” – it’s a sweet word i long to hear everyday.

I love when you cook your own recipe and prepare breakfast on weekend mornings.

I love your adventurous-thrill-seeking spirit and when you schedule our family getaways.

I love when you spend time with the kids and have a “daddy time” together by reading bedtime stories, taking Andre to a movie, or simply changing Anyah’s sleeping suite.

I love your interest and passion i.e photography and keeping us part of it (by making us your models).

I love you throw surprises like when you buy the things that I am totally addicted of – bags, shoes, dresses, and jewelries.

I love the way you are proud of me – complimenting and honoring my strengths and successes.

I love when you trust me with my decisions and respect my opinions – and being at my side no matter what.

I love the way you love me – feeling care for and loving me unconditionally.

But most of all I love the way I honestly love you – with all the flaws and beauty; madness and insanity; and without pretentions and conditions.

“Daddy Time” – reading of bedtime stories


As a background: This script is NOT inspired by the movie10 Things I hate about You” but rather my own creation stirred from the eight glorious years that Jesse and I have spent together. In those years, we discover, we learn, and we accept who we are and what we are. In that way we grow, support, and cherish each other. Hoping our love and trust will keep us together for a lifetime. And may God be in our midst as we continue to build a stonger and happy family together.

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