10th Wedding Anniversary Cake

A Wedding Anniversary Cake for Jefferson and Michelle

A Wedding Anniversary Cake for Jefferson and Michelle

I was so happy taking the order of one my colleagues in the college. He asked me to make a cake for his wife who arrived in Oman last Thursday with their two kids. Other than being excited to finally reunite with his family, he was so grateful because that day was also their 10th Wedding Anniversary.

You see as a happy baker, my cakes are not just ordinary cakes. They are created with Love and Happiness. They are made of the finest ingredients because I wanted my cakes to bring joy and sweetness to my clients. I want to let them feel that ones affection and kindness could not only be shown through expensive gifts but by little things that could become an extraordinary gestures of gratitude.

It is a super moist chocolate cake with a deep dark chocolate flavor.


I used chocolate ganache to frost the entire cake.

it's frosted with choco ganache

it’s frosted with choco ganache

Edible flowers like Calla Lilies, Roses and Carnation enhanced the beauty of this cake. They are all made of gumpaste which I created during my Wilton’s Cake decorating course at Tavola Oman.


Do you think it was a pretty cake? Yes, it was!

So for Jefferson and Michelle, I am wishing you both a Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary. May you both continuously grow in love for the next decades.

Thank you my dear reader for visiting my blog. I’ll see you around.
Lots of Love,

Riah – the Happy Baker 🙂

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