12-12-12: Happy 1st Anniversary to my BLOG

Is this day a mere coincidence or a wonderful opportunity? Well, I happen to see streams of comments, reactions, and opinions from many people in my social media network which brought a hot topic surrounding the trendiness or drawbacks of today’s unique date. But regardless of their points of view, I set aside some of my precious time to write for my blog’s first anniversary!!! Yeppey!! (clap..clap..clap..)

I can’t believe that I have been blogging for a year now. This blog was just created as a place to dump my “brain overloads” or a way to sustain my love for blogging and writing stories.

But eventually, as a mom, I came to realize that this blog is my own personal space to share wonderful ideas, practical inspirations, fabulous tips, motivational musings, and most of all my travel experiences and getaways to the world around, and especially for moms who needs inspirations or just a snap of magical twist to bright up their hectic sometimes very demanding life.

I want to have friends and create a community in the blogsphere because I know there many out there who have the same interests and curiosities like mine. So from today, I do my very best to continue what I have started. And that is to blog, blog, and blog. And I hope can reach and inspire people, especially ladies and moms around the world to see the good things in them and apply the small doses of motivations to keep up with the daily grind.

And today is a wonderful opportunity because I have two things to do tonight: bake a cheese cake and a dinner with my close friends.

Hope you will also feel happy for me.

And because blogging is also sharing, I will post later my own Cherry Cheese Cake Recipe for you to try and our group dinner date for you to meet my so-called “family” here in Oman.

Here’s the glimpse of the cake:

My own cherry cheese cake creation!

My own cherry cheese cake creation!

and here’s the greetings from WordPress.com


Thank you WordPress.com for the greetings..i’m tickled pink!


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