20 Things that change when I have a baby


After giving birth, my life has never been the same again. A lot of changes took place that in some way I was able to apprehend and endure. Below are the things that most women like me, a mom, can somehow relate to.

1. I love to smell my baby’s natural scent than the lovely flowers.

2. I smell like milk, poop, and pee than a scent of GUCCI, VULGARI, or ISSEY MIYAKE.

3. I wear maternity bras than with brightly colored and accessorized wonder bras.

4. I learn to value and respect my body even if the curves are not there anymore.

5. I appreciate and love my mother/parents more than ever.

6. I can carry an 8lbs being for two hours than a 4lbs dumb bell for 10 minutes.

7. I went straight to baby section and check for new items than going to the grocery section  instead.

8. My baby’s cry can frantically wake me up than the alarm clock.

9. Lullabies, classical songs, and nursery rhymes are music to my ear than alternative, romantic, and ballad beat.

10. I place baby’s picture on my desk rather than calendars and memos.

11. I can be a good speech teacher with a wonderful conversation of using only “ahhh” and “ooo”.

12. I prefer to watch lifestyle network and medical programs that watching news and showbiz channels.

13. I can keep starring on my little one for an hour or more than facebooking or chatting with friends.

14. I love to talk about nursing and baby care with my girlfriends than nonsense gossips.

15. I find myself afraid or paranoid even for hiccups or grunting sounds.

16. I am looking forward to wake up each day looking at the beaming, toothless, and heart-melting-grin from my precious one and the surprises she brings.

17. I’m willing to sacrifice and trade my life for the pain that my baby is having.

18. I can easily connect with the people I haven’t seen for years and love to see having their own families too.

19. I can be a superhuman, sleeping for roughly two hours, or wide awake til morning.

20. I now believe in miracle – creating a life within me.

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