3-day East Coast Camping Trip

the map for the east coast adventure

the map for the east coast adventure

It was our first family camping adventure trip. When, Jesse and Gerry first proposed the idea of three days group trip during the long holiday, everyone was interested. It was a new experience for us because we traveled to southeast coast of Oman with a total distance of 1070km and visited 6 destinations. Seven of us were in – Catherine, Gerry, Melo, Jesse, and me including my kids Andrei and Anyah.


Jesse,my hubby, took the lead in organizing the trip. He printed out the map and designed three itineraries for the group to choose. Gladly, the team preferred the relaxing kind of camping, wherein on the first day we visited Sifah Beach and had an overnight. The second day we took a shortcut road towards Qurayat for a boating ride. On our way to Ras Al Hadd where camped at night, we took a short peek at the famous Bimmah Sink Hole. We visited the Sharqiyah region and had sand bashing at Wahiba Dessert and quick swimming at Wadi Bani Khalid, these activities happened on the third day before we all went home.

By the end of November 2011, we were ironing out some details. We discussed on everything including food (whose group assigned for each meals), things to bring, gadgets assignments, and communicating with our local contacts to help us get into our way. Up until on the night before departure, we were still finalizing the itinerary and tasks delegation. Adding plus one, we were all set to eight campers.

We met up at our home early Friday morning, November 25th. Call time was 9AM, we get cars fueled and loaded with food, camping equipment, dome tents, coolers, and cooking paraphernalia. We had a long road trip and wanted to get started before it got mid-afternoon. We split up into 2 cars and assigned ourselves:

BRIDGETTE : Gerry (Driver), Catherine and Melo (Passengers)

KIANO: Jesse (Driver), Enrico and Riah (Passenger), Andrei and Anyah (little campers).

our cars - BRIDGETTE (gray) and KIANO (orange)

our cars – BRIDGETTE (gray) and KIANO (orange)

And we were off and our great adventure begun. Excitement fired our desire to get in touch with nature and see the stunning sceneries of Oman!

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