31 things you don’t wanna know about me

Turning the 31 is another remarkable milestone I have achieved in my life. As most people would jokingly rib that “31 is the last number in the calendar” but for me it is a high time to look back and reflect everything I know about myself or perhaps the things that my friends and families don’t wanna know about me.  In this way, I can discern what I have been through all these years.

1. I was born with no hair. My parents would wrap colorful fabrics on my head to hide my baldness. But still.. nagmumukha tuloy akong albularyo.

2. I am the eldest among the three.  But I look like the youngest of them all..hahaha..peace little sister Ritchelle. Love naman kita lage.

3. I love dancing. Way back in HS I joined the ‘Surigenia Dance Troupe’ because I enjoy formulating steps with a beat. The exciting part is that I can visit other places to perform..Nakakaabot tuloy ako sa Cebu City for Sinulog Festival Dance Competition.

4. I love singing. Maybe because the talent was passed on from generation to generation. My Papa is a good singer and so with his siblings. But to prove my talent, I joined a singing competition in elementary and won the second place, pero nakakatuwa kasi tatlo lang kami contestant sa category na yon. But seriously, I am a member of a church choir where we sing during 5AM mass. Maaga pa ako sa manok kung gumising at tumilaok.

5. I love traveling. This can be proven with the photos I have kept in my album and folders. Mahilig kasi ako sa adventure kaya napangasawa ko adventurer din. At someday sana makapunta ako sa  Mt.Everest (in my dreams). Whew!

6. I love the beach. Back in my early childhood days, I used to spend summer vacation in my dad’s hometown. Gosh I can stay the whole day near the beach, trying to catch crabs, find shells, and do anything that is fun under the sun. No wonder I look so negra at that time.

7. I have tried curly hair only once. This happens when I was eight years old, in the mid-80s and my idol at that time was Madonna, a really material girl.

8. It’s unnerving for me to see a dead body, but I love crime investigation. I watched Criminal Minds CSI Miami. I love the twists of the story and how the case is being solved especially when the culprit is arrested.

9. I used to love watching “Baywatch”. I’m amazed of how beautiful Pamela Anderson is. But when her scandal video spread out, I’m not really affected. Kasi celebrity naman sya.

10. I have stage fright but I was actively performing in HS and College or even took teaching job in a university. I have also been asked to be an emcee or conducted trainings. I just pretend I am blind when I’m in front of people.

11. Right after college, I got the teaching job – perhaps it is my calling. Because even how petite and small I am, I can discipline and tamed down my students who are bigger and taller than me lalo na ang mga barakong lalaki.

12. If I didn’t take up IT, I would love to be a nurse. Once my roommate was struck by fever, I stayed up late and checking her conditions every now and then making sure she took the meds accurately. Kuha ko na ang motto ng nurse “caring for the sick”. Kahit ngaun, I’m learning and making research on health care and wellness then I share it to my friends.

13. I’ve never smoked. It’s disgusting and the smell kills me. It’s like you’re pumping tons of carcinogen in your body. Pasalamat ako my husband quit smoking since he got in Oman.

14. I don’t really like drinking alcohol. I can only tolerate 2 alcoholic drinks at most then I start laughing and morphing into a starlet.

15. I used to like parties and discos. But gusto ko kasama lage asawa ko kasi sya nagbabayad ng entrance at drinks.

16.My definition of make-up is lipstick and lip gloss. That’s why I carry a two-in-one set. Ang hirap kasi maglagay ng mascara, tapos kailangan pang i-curl.

17. I am not like most women who love to shop. I prefer window shopping most of the time –  going to several stores, checking the new styles, fitting them, then putting them back in the stand. I’d rather buy things for my kids than for myself. But like most girls, I appreciate flowers and chocolates every now and then – you know the old-fashioned ways.

18. Why was PE ever invented? When I was in college, I took up swimming and really learn how to swim. At that time, I can swim two laps para lang ma exempted sa final exam.

19. In college, I have a wonderful set of friends in my dorm. We called ourselves the “summer girls”. You see I’m really good at making friends and forming groups.

20. I’m not really a techno-savvy person. I have this cellphone that I’m using for more than three years. What is important for me lang kasi is makatawag n makatext.

21. I love art and craft. That’s the reason why I collected things and turn them into something new and creative. Even at home, I used to come up with different styles and decoration. Gusto ko kasi lagging meron something bago.

22. I have no idea whatsoever how the stock market works or how financial companies manage assets. Basta I just invested and buy mutual funds, kasi sabi nila it is an enforced savings after many years lalaki daw pera ko.

23. If I don’t agree, I just hide it in the guise of a sweet, saccharine smile to prove my point and said “ikaw bahala ka”.

24.  Food is my fascination. I’ve tried cooking when I was age seven. But really my passion for food started in High School when i took up Home Economics class. I even won second place with my “AROZCALDO” version.

25. I love to commute and remembering places. Seriously, I have a good topographic memory. Kaya nga na miss ko na magtaxi dito sa Oman dahil may sarili na akong driver. Pero di bali, im a co-pilot of my husband kasi ako ang Human GPS nya.

26. I hate clutter. Before I do something particularly stressful, like study for an exam or make a report, I clean up my desk, the house and the kitchen if I have to just to feel a sense of order and accomplishment. Does this fit in the DSM criteria for Obsessive-compulsive disorder?

27. You’ll know when I’m really mad already. I never swear but I don’t speak a word. For me silence is a better option until my mind is clear and I can voice out what I want to say. Kasi it is hard to take back hurting words, di ba?.

28. I love my kids – Andrei and Anyah. They’re my heaven on earth and my treasures for life. I always said “ sarap ng may bata”.

29. I love the feeling of motherhood and wifehood. Doing and thinking many things at the same time. I can be an android of force. After all, pag masaya ang family ko..satisfied na ako.

30. My pursuit of happiness is my family. I draw my strength and inspiration from them. I believe that I can do things, because I have been blessed with a strong family unit. Kaya nga maaga ako nag-asawa eh.

31. I’m dreaming to have diamond jewelry before I get 31. And it came to me like an answered prayer. When I woke up in the morning of my 31st birthday, my husband Jesse opened a small black box hide beneath my pillow and took out a beautiful diamond ring and slipped it into my left ringed finger. Grabe! Super sarap ng feeling para akong  nanalo ng lotto! Yoohooo…

Well, these are just few of the things that create true meaning to my own self. I know, as I grew older, more things will come which I hope and pray will help me become wiser and stronger.

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