3D Lightning McQueen Fondant Cake for baby Dean

A 3D Lightning McQueen Cake made of Fondant

In the later part of November, I received a message in my whatsapp account from an unknown client who was looking for a baker who can make a 3D Lightning McQueen Cake for her son’s 1st birthday. She inquired and after some negotiations, we came up with an agreement. I never hesitated to decline her order since I would really love to make this cake as I have tried before during my son’s 9th Birthday.

The cake design that mom Simone sent to me was a 3D cake that sits on a piece of square cake that looks like concrete road with grasses made of buttercream frosting on the sides.

I just used that cake design as a basis, but still, i reinvented and modified my own cake version and used some details from the movie. It took me a whole day to make the entire cake.

At first, I made the flat rectangular cake as the base and molded and decorated it with fine details.



Then, I begun carving the 3D cake and covered it with white fondant. Good thing, I just bought my new airbrush kit that I tried it on this cake. The result was truly-shiny-hot-red 3D car cake that looked so beautiful and many have thought that it was made by a pro.



Simone specially requested that the cake flavor should be strawberry since she will give it to little children in their village.

When, I sent the initial cake picture to mommy Simone as a sneak peek of the cake, she said that “..Wow, you have put a massive smile on my face – that is absolutely gorgeous!!! :-)”. I am also extremely happy to know her feedback.

On the morning of December 6th, we delivered the cake to their home in Al Hail. Simone was so happy while carrying the cake to their house. She taught it was just 3KG but I made it almost double its weight because the cake was so compact but moist.

Later, she posted on her FB wall the pictures of Dean’s 1st Birthday. And here I am sharing to you those precious moments.

Dean and mom Simone with my homemade 3D Lightning McQueen Car Cake

Dean and mom Simone with my homemade 3D Lightning McQueen Car Cake

Dean while eating the cake

Dean while eating the cake

After the party, she sent me a message how delicious the cake was that all of her guests were amazed. They thought it was really made by a commercial cake shop! Again, I am a flattered superly duperly happy baker.

I am also happy to see little Dean eating his cake… look at the picture above, is he so adorably cutie?

Well, i deserved a tap on my shoulder. This is certainly another achievement. or I should say one of the great moments in cake decorating experience.

Thank you for reading. Come back again later.

Lots of love,

Riah – the lady behind Happy Baker Delights 🙂

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