5 simple ways to spend your Special Valentines Day at Home (and with your kids)

Full of Hearts!

Full of Hearts!

“Lalalala…lalalala…lalala..la..la..laaa.la.la…..tobedo..bedooo..dooo ..aaahhhh….”

Hmmm…I can feel that love is in the air because of the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Well, planning on how to spend a romantic time alone with your partner can be a daunting task especially if you already have (little) kids and, unfortunately, if you don’t have a nanny at home or if you having difficulty getting a babysitter. So many of us resent to stay homebound instead of going out for a romantic evening. sniffff…

But that doesn’t mean that you and your loved ones can’t make most of the Valentine’s day at home. Forget the overpriced prix-fixe menus and avoid the throngs of couple out on town dining in an upscale café. Jesse and I along with our little tots have found our own ways of taking the pressure off the big day and throw a simple celebration with the people that we love.

Here are our five suggestions to get you spending your “love day” as a family.

1.    Cook a sumptuous meal together.

The favorite homemade Filipino dish.

The favorite homemade Filipino dish.

Any occasion can be more meaningfully celebrated with a sumptuous dinner. So cook at home in which your kids can extend their help in the kitchen too. A nice meal doesn’t have to be expensive. Stick to food that is easy to prepare and fun to share like pasta, roasted chicken, or even fondues and puddings for sweet indulgence. But if you want to try something complicated or interesting than the usual daily meals, get help online and search for recipe ideas to help you turn your ordinary ingredients into something fabulous. For your spouse, you can grab a cocktail shaker or a couple of martini glasses. And don’t forget to make some tasty popcorn, just in case you all plan to watch a special DVD together after dinner.

2. Create a video or capture “selfie” pictures.

With the advent of impressive smart gadgets and the availability of free user-friendly online resources, it is easy to customize a family video that contains your wonderful messages and warm thoughts. You can even create a collage of self-captured photos that holds special meanings and serves as a good souvenir for those loving moments. You can even share or upload these videos and pictures in social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, or Vimeo where everyone can see the loving days you are spending together with your kids. For sure, you will get hundreds or even thousands of LIKERS!

3.    Make a “DIY” gift.

Hearty Moist Choco Cake for Valentines Day

Hearty Moist Choco Cake for Valentines Day

You can either initiate this yourself, or suggest it as a Valentine’s tradition for the whole family. The item should be very affordable and better ask your kids to make a personalized gift for you and your spouse. They can make a nice card that explains the gift or a photo frame with your pictures together. If you are a bit poetic, write a poem and print and post on a card board and display on a location at home where your loved ones can see it everyday. As my own style, I usually bake the nicest and yummiest cake for my family which we can all share together after a sumptuous meal.

4.    Spend quality family time together.

Because of our busy lifestyle, taking a break and spending quality time together is the ultimate romantic gesture. It will mean a great deal if you can stretch the time and give up the work-related tasks to spend the whole day with your beloved. Banish the mundane and just allow the day to be about you and the kids and doing things together. As part of this, be thoroughly attentive, listen, and take the chance. You can take away any form of disturbances like putting the smart gadgets in the other room and you can all enjoy watching movies, or playing board games / video games, or simply sharing wonderful stories. Take time to laugh at corny jokes or simply cherish your little ones funny tricks. I tell you, your kids will appreciate this “loved day” is not only for their parents but for themselves as well.

5.    Don’t forget to act it out and say “I LOVE YOU”.

There’s nothing sweeter than hearing these three words. It doesn’t cost anything but it says and mean a great deal. In the early morning of “hearts day”, whisper this to your spouse and kids. Don’t be shy; say it a lot during the day. Tell your loved ones how you really feel and they will appreciate your honesty and it will mean more than any gift could.

And that’s how to spread the magic of love…because love is all around… 🙂

Happy Hearts Day Everyone!

Riah – The Blissful Wife and Mom

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