5 ways to make Father’s Day special

The head of the family – fathers or husbands – need to be cherished and likewise deserves a wonderful credit as moms do.  This coming Father’s day is our chance to let them know how they mean to us. It’s time to look into their roles and appreciate the contributions they have imparted into our life and to our family. It is not just a day to celebrate Dad as provider and caregiver for the children. It’s also a day to honor your partner as your lover and friend.

But for your hubby, the traditional practice does not only mean a day of breakfast in bed and warm greetings. Whether it’s his first or his sixth, you can reinvent the old-fashion and try these simple ways to make Father’s Day not just great but truly special.

1.       Shower him with warm hugs and loving kisses

Cuddle and hug to set the romantic mode for the day

Start the day celebration full of vibrant smiles, happy thoughts, and sweet kisses. Let you and the kids crawl on your bed and wake him up with tender hugs and sweet greetings. This will not only reconditioned your man but a way to eliminate pressures and promotes positivity in the surroundings. Our man love to have a “stress-free” day – no deadlines, no hassles, no chores and no rushing – so he can relax with you and the kid(s). And it will bring him energy and joy the whole day through.

2.       Surprise him with a Do-It-Yourself gift

Bake him a cake to inspire sweetness within your relationship

If you think you are far from being creative and imaginative, you can still surprise your man with your effort and thoughtfulness. Bake him a cake or cook his favorite dish. Encourage the kid(s) to create a greeting card out of papers and crayons. Create a family picture collage to remind him of your precious years together. Design a paper weight that can be a good display on his desk. Embroider a handkerchief with the lovely design of his name on it. Make a key chain out of used materials. If not, give him a massage or give him a sexy surprise and steal a few moments to show him how much you love him. These simple material and personal things can let him feel special and honored.

3.       Write a romantic letter or create a video

Post a meaningful note that is easy for him to find

Men, just like women, wanted to be praised and treasured. As melancholic and old-style trite as it maybe but they love to receive love letters and hear your romantic stories. So stick a note full of lovely quotes under his bed or on the fridge. Express your inner feelings by writing a thank-you-note, or make a blog, or send an email featuring the ways he contributes to the family, how he gives moral and emotional support, and what makes him great father and partner. But if writing is not your forte, opt to make a short family video for him using iPad, iPhone, or Tab and upload to youTube for him and the whole world to see. Otherwise, create a big banner or poster in his honor. It doesn’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive gifts; your sincerity and love are the greatest gift he can have this special day.

4.       Let him be the “star of the day”

He is the boss and just follow his plan for the day

Instead of being the overall planner, why don’t let him be on the spotlight for the day. Give him the gift of freedom and choice. In his own ways, he might have in mind about what to do and how to spend the day. If he loves movie, you and the kids can head off to the theater or watch together at home. If he likes out-of-town escapade, be onboard with him and willingly follow his itinerary. Is a homebody type? Even if you wanted to go out, be with him and just prepare a sumptuous dinner at home for that matter.

5.       Spend quality time together

A family that spends quality time together stays stronger forever.

There’s nothing more memorable on Father’s day than enjoying each other’s company as a family and having a quality time with each other. If this occasion falls on weekdays, you can simply arranged for worth-doing activity after office hour or the two of you spend the night for a special date. But when it is on weekends, get away from the house if you must and relieve from being caught up in cooking, taking a quick errand, or pressured to finish up a deadline. Head for road trip, have a picnic, go for a walk,  or dine at your favorite restaurants. Share stories and dream together. Now that’s a day Dad will really remember for a lifetime!


Have you done some wonderful tips enlisted above? If yes, how was it? Share to us your “own” way of celebrating Father’s Day and I’m pretty sure my readers would love to know some of your beautiful ideas.

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2 thoughts on “5 ways to make Father’s Day special

  1. itjcs

    thanks riah for these tips… I appreciate your effort of posting these tips…yeah actually, everyday is a father’s day… these tips can be done everyday, that would be wonderful. Yeah, for this coming father’s day… maybe prepare a dance number for him together with my daughter…to make him laugh and enjoy the show 🙂

    1. riahencarnacion Post author

      Hi Jhonna..what a wonderful idea “mother-daughter dance presentation”..i can imagine how you and your little do the graceful moves and grooves..Certainly, everyday is a father’s day because our hubby are always our support and comfort. They wanted to feel special to us. Have a wonderful celebration ahead.

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