A 3D Colorful Soccer Ball Cake

A 3D Colorful Soccer Ball Cake

a 3D Colorful Soccer Ball Cake for Alaa and Sara

Alaa and Sara are very close sisters. They share each others toys, clothes, and even food. What the other has the other also gets. When one celebrates her birthday the other has also her cake. Last year, I made the girls their Frozen cake with Princess Anna and Queen Elsa with Olaf as the cake topper. This year, they requested for a 3D colorful soccer ball cake.


Othman, who is my colleague in my previous workplace, is a very loving father. He loves his children so much that whatever they like he always find ways to give it to them.

Actually, it was my first attempt to make a 3D ball. I use airbrush to paint the color green below that resembles the grasses. The colorful hexagon shapes are made of fondant. I did manage to make the cake as beautiful as possible and thankfully, the cake turned out great and attractive.


The girls were so delighted to see their cake that’s very heavy at around 4KG. Othman was very thankful that I was able to make the cake even it was a late notice. He just give me one day to make the cake!

So there goes my ball creation. Hope you like it.

Lots of Love,

Riah – the lady behind Happy Baker Delights




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