A day of play and fun at Oman Naval Base Sports Complex


Today is the schedule of the ever first Women Sports Day of Al Musanna College of Technology. We are bit excited because it is held at the Naval Base Sports Complex in Tharmad which about 7 kilometers from my college. Most people know that Oman Naval Base is a fully restricted area and getting access will require good connection and approval from someone who has the authority and power from the inside. Fortunately, we are granted permission to hold our sports fest activity for 6 hours in the sport complex.


I took first a very short breakfast in our school where I meet Catherin and Jane – my fellow Kababayans and colleagues. We tested the camera which is lend to me by the college to do my job in documenting and capturing photos of the event.

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We leave at about 9 o’clock in the morning. But instead of taking the school bus along with other female college staff, my girlfriends Catherine, Jane, and I take our own ride. Catherine drive us and it will be my first experience of Cath’s driving skills. (she just got her Oman Driving License about two months ago). Actually, I really admire Catherine’s confidence in driving through the high way knowing that vehicular accident is the top most mortality cause in Oman. For myself, I tried driving lesson a couple of years ago but I quit because of my fear and I easily get nervous and tense especially when I encounter reckless drivers along the road.

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But anyway back to the activity, we arrived in the Naval Base ten minutes later. The vicinity is well fenced off with high walls of concretes that surround the entire huge place. And lucky for us, we are allowed to bring our car inside otherwise we will take a grueling walk towards the sports arena that is located 3 kilometers from the main entrance.


Upon our arrival, we are welcomed by two petite yet very energetic young ladies who turned out to be our sports trainers for the day.


At the entrance hall, there are you can see a display of trophies, mementos, and memorabilia. Before starting the games, we waited for some few minutes for the orientation about the place. We have visited through every sections of the building including the weight lifting room, the Olympic size swimming pools, the bath and lockers room, the upper deck, then finally to the ultra-modern and well-furnished stadium.


Our team leader, Ms. Zainab, organized us in groups. I belong to the troop to play badminton… Wow! This is the kind of sports I love. I team up with Ms. Naheed a fellow lecturer from Pakistan. We both share a good competition against the two IT students. But later on, we are declared winners of the sports category.

7There are other games too such as volleyball, tug of war, and table tennis. But everyone laughed out loud and is truly happy on the novel game called Fastest Yogurt Eating Contest. It is so funny how ladies being blind folded has to gulp up the yogurts in just one or two scoops.


After some energy-draining yet very unwinding activities, we had our snacks. I was really having a good time chatting and meeting other Omani ladies from the campus particularly those that has recently joined the college. I learn that they are fresh graduates and wanted to continue with their bachelors’ degree and eventually earn their masters or doctoral degrees locally or abroad. Some have plans to start up their small business while in the meantime working in the college. I appreciate these women. They are vibrant with full of hopes and dreams. It is really good to know the Omani women these days have evolve to someone with spirit and confidence. Who knows one of them might be in the top management a few years from today.


We ended up the sports fest with so much fun and happiness. We received medals because of our active participation. But the very important thing is for us to establish friendship among each other aside from our aim to promote health and fitness through the love of sports.

I guess my other female colleagues also feel the same way. After all, we are working in the same workplace and this sports fest is indeed a way to get connected and have fun even just for a day.

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