A delicious Chocolate Frosting Recipe

a delicious choco frosting recipe

a delicious choco frosting recipe

Today I am sharing to you some of my secret recipe. It’s the one behind my signature chocolate cake – the super delicious CHOCOLATE FROSTING!

This choco frosting is made from boiled evaporated milk with sugar. The choco powder is mixed into the warm milk while being constantly stirred until the desired consistency is achieved.

While the frosting is still hot, the vanilla and butter are added to create a very tempting aroma and the glossy appearance of the choco frosting on the cake. The whole recipe can frost an 8 x 4 inches cake.

In order to make this chocolatey yummiest frosting, you need to prepare:

the main ingredients

the main ingredients

–          1 can alpine evap – big
–          1 cup white granulated sugar
–          ½ cup dark cocoa
–          2 tablespoon butter
–          1 teaspoon vanilla

First, combine the sugar and sifted cocoa powder.


Second, put the milk on a sauce pan over a simmer.


Then, add the choco mixture.


Cook in a slow fire with constant stirring using a wooden spatula (to prevent from scorching) until thick that forms soft balls when drop in cold water (about 30 minutes).


It should be heavy and sticky like this:


Remove from fire and stir in butter & vanilla.


Frost a cake while it is still hot.

a delicious choco frosting recipe

a delicious choco frosting recipe

It is a pretty simple recipe, right? But all of my clients love this kind of frosting that they thought it’s copied from those cakes sold at commercial shops like Red Ribbon or Goldilocks.

So hope you will try this one and share to me your verdict.

Lots of Love,

 Riah – the Happy Baker



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2 thoughts on “A delicious Chocolate Frosting Recipe

  1. Cheryl Pietschnig

    I tried this recipe last night, so amazingly yummy!!! You can really taste the chocolate flavour and it’s not too sweet that bites! 🙂 i super love it! ❤❤❤

    – C.P – Vienna, Austria

    1. Riah

      Thank you cheryl for this wonderful comment… I am glad you like my choco frosting recipe. That’s why i posted this on my blog for others to try.

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