A Farewell Cake for Soraya

a farewell cake for Soraya

a farewell cake for Soraya

My very good friend Soraya finally decided to go back to her home place in Cape Town, South Africa after almost eight years of working here in the Sultanate of Oman as an English Lecturer. Because she’s so dear to me, I made this farewell cake for her before she left.

I initially planned to make a cake with fondant icing and have a design of Oman and South Africa continents. But because, I was so occupied during the week with my other cake orders, I ended up with this chocolate cake covered with choco buttercream frosting instead.

The cake had rose flowers made of royal icing. And I also made a personalized note with our heartily message.

our sweet message

our sweet message

Then, there were paper flags of South Africa, Philippines, and Oman.

Flags of our Home Country and Oman

Flags of our Home Country and Oman

When Soraya got the cake she was so surprised and happy! But sadly, we can’t eat and share the cake together because it was Ramadan time and everyone was forbiddne to eat everywhere to respect the culture of the Muslims..which by the way, Soraya is also a Muslim by religion.

I am wishing her more fruitful life back home. I know she will be excited because she can finally stay with her one and only daughter.

(from left) Soraya and Me

To Soraya, thank you for being so nice to me and for supporting my “sweet creations” business. Farewell to you and May Allah continue to protect and bless you with a wonderful life that you are really dreaming of. I will surely miss you my dear friend.

Thank you for reading this post. Until next time!


Lots of Love,

Riah – the Lady behind Happy Baker Delights 🙂






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