A Fondant Blue “Twitter” Bird

Fondant Twitter Bird

Fondant Twitter Bird

This “Blue Bird” is a perfect topper for a bird’s nest cake design and a wonderful cake decorating idea especially if you want a customized cake to be given to your special friend.

I made this bird called “Twitter” out of fondant and nestling on cake with its twelve fondant eggs. It’s a very creative cake design that was truly appreciated by our family friend when we bought the cake during their home warming last weekend.

I tell you, making this cake fondant topper is very easy. It just need a little creative imagination and complete hand dexterity in molding the blue bird. And you can make it too because I will teach you how to create this little winged fellow.

To start, just prepare the following:

BlueBird11– 9 inches non-stick rolling pin
– 4-inch round ball of fondant
– Blue Liquid Gel
– Brown Liquid Gel
– Black Liquid Gel
– Yellow Liquid Gel
– Toothpick
– Parchment paper
– Cornstarch/ Icing Powder / Shortening for working with fondant
– Pizza Cutter
– 2 inches Size Cookie Cutter (for the bird’s tail)
– 3 inches Size Cookie Cutter (for the bird’s wing)

Are you ready? Ok, let’s begin with the bird’s beak and eyes.

  1. Take just a little portion of the fondant and color it yellow for the bird’s beak and black for the bird’s eye.
  2. With the yellow fondant, form it into a 3D triangle shape that looks like birds’ beak.
  3. With a plastic fondant modeling knife, make an indent line on the middle sides of the triangle as a beak division.
  4. Poke on the left and right sides of the triangle for the bird’s nose using the pointed tip fondant modeling tool.
  5. Form the bird’s eyes by rubbing the black fondant in between your index finger and thumb finger.
  6. Place the fondants on a plate with icing powder, and let sit for few minutes to harden.

Next, we will make the bird’s tail and wings.

  1. With the remaining fondant, color it with blue liquid gel.
  2. Flatten the blue fondant using the rolling pin.
  3. Then, cut out a circle using a 3 inches circle cookie cutter with the wavy edge.
  4. Cut a triangle shape on the circle fondant using a pizza cutter.
  5. Trim the tip of the triangle with a plastic knife modeling tool.
  6. Roll again the blue fondant and cut two pieces of circles using a 2 inches cookie cutter with the wavy edge.
  7. Cut out the circle fondant into a half-shape moon as a bird wing.
  8. Place it on a plate with confectioner sugar and let it harden for a while.

Then, we will make the bird’s head and body.

  1. Elongate the remaining blue fondant with the other tip a bit smaller with the other side.
  2. Cut about 1/8 of the blue fondant’s smaller side as the bird’s head. BlueBird13
  3. Then, roll it into a 3D circle and attach the bird’s beak.
  4. Place the black fondant for the bird’s eyes.
  5.  Roll the remaining fondant into an elongated bird’s body.

Finally, let’s assemble the bird’s body parts.

  1. Attach the tail to the rear of the bird’s body using a brush with water.
  2. Insert a toothpick near the bird’s neck.BlueBird18
  3. Place the bird’s head into the inserted toothpick.BlueBird19
  4. Attach the left wing with the soft edge up. BlueBird20
  5. Attach the right wing and clap on the rear side of the tail. BlueBird21

Perfect! There’s goes the little blue birdy Twitter and ready to settle on the nest.
Hope you can make your own “blue birdy” too.

Thanks for reading and catch you again later.

Lots of love,
Riah – the Happy Baker

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