A “Labor of Love” Project


6 month Pretty Preggy Mommy

As a tribute to mother’s day celebration, I have uploaded my pregnancy pictures in my Facebook account to show my progress in months. The photo album received a lot of comments, messages, and likes. It was totally heartwarming to earn such wonderful thoughts from the people who cared so much for me. And many of them were extending their hopes and wishes for a “Baby Girl”.

But to top it all, I was surprised last night when I found out that my husband will be having a fantastic project for me. He will be making a Photo Studio at home and make me as a model of his photography concept called “A Labor of Love”. For the coming weeks, he will be buying materials such as textiles for the backdraft, plastic pipings for the holder and lamp stand. With his talent and skills, he will create a customized and frugal photography room.

I can’t wait to see his output and finally have myself stand before the camera and strike a pose similar to some famous stars I saw in the magazines. I know it will be a enticing experience. Now, I am beginning to appreciate my husband for his tremendous effort of making a wonderful piece of art that we can keep for a lifetime.


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