A Labor of Love Project: Outdoor Shots

This is the second phase of my hubby’s photography concept called “Labor of Love Project”.



The first one titled “Seasonal Glamour Shots” was done in a frugal photo studio at our home.

_MG_0089 _MG_0056a

During the outdoor photoshooting we went to two different places. The first set was taken at my workplace in Al Musanna College of Technology. We intend to come late in the afternoon to make sure that only few people will be in the college at that time while the sun was ideal for the lighting effect.

_MG_0132 _MG_0123

After an hour we headed to the Millenium Hotel near the coastal area of Al Musannah. It was about seven in the evening when we got there and the area was almost covered with darkness. But the outdoor lights of the hotel keep the surrounding beautifully-well-lighted giving a dramatic sense of colors at night.

_MG_0189 _MG_0182 _MG_0166a _MG_0146 _MG_0142a

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