A Labor of Love Project: Seasonal Glamour Shots

At last, after almost two months of waiting and wishing, Jesse made a break and started with his so-called “Labor of Love” project. It is an art in photography wherein his subject is ,obviously, me in which i have to do some artistic and contemporary pose based on his “bump” pregnancy concepts.

A Winter Holiday Glow

A Winter Holiday Glow




I would say, i am hesistant at first, thinking that I’m not ideally capable of doing it since my body have undergone drastic changes for the last couple of months. I’ve gained weight, which was physically obvious since my appetite tend to increase perhaps because of the growing baby.

Fashionably Fall

Fashionably Fall

_MG_0011 _MG_0007

But everything gladly came fine and perfect. I prepared all the desired clothes i have to wear and made a lot of trials on make up and hair style before the final photoshooting.

Surf's Up for Spring

Surf’s Up for Spring

_MG_9966 _MG_9968

On that very day, i even felt the job of being a model, which oftentimes require a lot of perseverance as well as hardwork to really come up with such an amazing and captivating photographs! I have also felt the joy in my heart that somehow, Jesse and I have came up with this amazing project for our coming baby. It was really a “labor of love”.

Shop Til U Drop on Summer

Shop Til U Drop on Summer


Everything was done at our own Home Studio through my hubby’s initiativeness and talent..it was indeed one of Jesse’s masterpiece!

Sizzling Summer Look

Sizzling Summer Look

DSC_1548 DSC_1577

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0 thoughts on “A Labor of Love Project: Seasonal Glamour Shots

  1. itjcs

    PERFECT!!! I love it riah… an excellent subject for this photograph project!!! make it as a magazine or maybe a calendar then give it to your child as a gift. For sure, your child will love it, to see how was the mom while the child still in the womb.

  2. Riah

    @itjc: thanks for giving me an idea..yes my hubby jesse will make a photo publication later on. he's got a lot of things in his mind like photoshooting with the baby at 10 days old.

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