A Letter to my daughter Anyah

This is a wonderful letter to my newly born baby ANYAH
Anyah @ 1 week old

Anyah @ 1 week old

My Darling Anyah,

It’s been one week past since you came along to this world and bring so much joy to me, your daddy, Kuya Andrei and the whole family. I couldn’t stop my tears while writing this letter maybe because of the mixed feeling of amusement and excitement that finally you are here and I am holding you in my arms. For more than 38 weeks that you are in my womb we have shared so much that only the two of us can treasure forever.

When your daddy and I knew that I am pregnant with you, we were a little bit nervous yet so happy. Nervous, because it was more than seven years since we have a small baby and we were scared of having difficulty in taking care of you. But, when we shared the good news to our family especially with Kuya Andrei, all those fears faded away and what remain was the gladness that God has answered our prayers to grant us another baby and more than that a baby GIRL.

I’m really sobbing right now, trying to hide my tears in whimper while your dad is sleeping after putting you to sleep and Kuya Andrei is playing with internet games. But I must continue writing this letter as many thoughts are coming into my mind.

Early morning when Anyah is one week old

Early morning when Anyah is one week old

I want to tell your whole story so that somehow when you are big enough and can read you will know how precious you are to us.

It was winter time in Oman perhaps later part November of 2010 that you were conceived. I have no idea at all until I was doubtful of myself. I suddenly craved for strawberries, kitkat chocolate, cadburry powder, and even tsai (tea with milk). The smell of freshly cut grasses pissed me off. I love to sleep after coming from work. Above all, I was gaining weight. A month later, your dad and I headed to the nearest hospital to have my serum pregnancy test. And the result was POSITIVE. For minutes, we were both gazing at a blank wall. Thinking what we should do next. But, I just prayed and asked God’s guidance to help us along the way. Slowly, I felt so calm and at peaceful. Then we became overjoyed, delighted, and thankful that we announced to our family and friends the good news about you. I even placed in my facebook status and enormous messages and likes have been posted on my wall. We received prayers, wishes, and calls from the people who are also happy to have you.

During the first trimester, I didn’t find it hard because I only have slight pregnancy blues. Although, I suffered some morning sickness but it was manageable since the doctor gave me medicines. Also, I am too careful that I ate only healthy food. When my tummy slowly bulged, I bought dresses to keep myself confident and comfortable. Many have commented that I still look good and fairly pretty. *wink*.

Your daddy was so proud of you too that he personally created a photography studio at home to capture wonderful photos of me while being pregnant. I am sure you will be proud of the results as I was confident during takes and the experience was totally remarkable. This happened when I was seven months pregnant.

In the later part of my trimester, I bought clothes of you. A lot of my friends also gave baby things such as baby car seat, stroller, and bouncer from Tita Jhonna and Tito Dennis Henderson; bassenett, play pen, and crib from Tita Jackie and Tito Ariel Gomez. While Tita Catherine Antonio gave you a giraffe stuff toy. We know there will be more gifts to come but what is important are the thoughts and care from the people who love you.

Kuya Andrei is singing a lullaby to Anyah to stop her from crying..

Kuya Andrei is singing a lullaby to Anyah to stop her from crying..

In August, Doctor Sophie Mathew asked me to select the date of your delivery since I opted for Ceasarean Section. This is because I don’t want the two of us to suffer as it was my experience before with your Kuya Andrei. Initially, your dad wants August 19 just to have the same birthday with your Lola Andrea. But the doctor wants it earlier and besides Friday is her day off. But I choose the 10th because the number is good (you see Filipinos have really many beliefs). And unknowingly, it’s your tita lola Neneng’s birthday too.

Days before my due date, series of tests were conducted to me to make sure you will be a healthy baby and ready to come out while mommy is really in good shape. I have taken Ultrasonography Exam, Neonatal Stress Test, Complete Blood Count, Glucose Test, and so on.

In the early hours of August 10, Daddy drove me to the hospital while Kuya Andrei was left at home with your nanny Mara. At 8 o’clock in the morning I was in the labor room then nurses prepared for my surgery. Your dad was anxiously waiting outside trying to keep himself relaxed. At 9 o’clock I was facilitated by a nurse walking towards the operating room. Then, I laid down on the operating bed and medical procedures were done. I was totally wide awake just to witness everything. I saw myself in the operating lights reflector. I was shaking and cold. The nurse held my hands to keep me calm. But, I was not afraid because I kept on praying. The doctors were so good and so fast in gettng you out. Thirty-six minutes after, I heard your loud cry. I was at eased. When you were shown to me and I said to you “Hi baby, I love you.” Then, they took you to the nursery room. The remaining thirty minutes I was still conscious until they brought me to the recovery room. After a few hours, your dad came with a big smile and shown your pictures. You are so cute and wonderful – truly priceless and an amazing gift from God. I can’t sleep in the recovery room, thinking of you always. While waiting for you, I called and texted everyone announcing the success of my operation. Suddenly, the nurse came and you were handed over to me. I felt the rush of love and joy. I fell in love with you. I let you took milk from me and you’re such a nice baby that you opened your eyes and showed me a grin and coo.

Daddy and Anya taking an afternoon nap

Daddy and Anya taking an afternoon nap

Daddy choose your long and classic name – JESABELLAH ANDRIAH. Your first name is a combination of your dad Jesse which means “Wealthy” and the word Isabella which means “A promise to God”. The later, which means “Womanly”, is a combined name of your Kuya Andrei and your mommy Riah. But we love to call you ANYAH -a combined name of your Lola Andrea and Lola Ofelia. It come from a Russian origin which means  “Gracious, Merciful”. Yes, that is how your name being brilliantly coined so that when someone will ask, then you have the exact explanation to share.

Days after, visitors and friends came over to greet, hug, cuddle, and kiss you. They are kind people. They will be your aunties and uncles here in Oman – our family. Much more they will be the same people who will be attending your christening soon. Even when we came home, they still visit and check your progress. They said you are really adorable. And we are so glad to hear their comments.

Anyah is sitting confidently on her rocking chair

Anyah is sitting confidently on her rocking chair

Now that we are four, I know we will be happier and stronger as a family. Your dad is unceasingly babysitting you in the evening until late morning. Kuya Andrei is always giving you kiss and hug, read stories, and talk to you. Tita Mara is also a great help to us in the house chores and taking care of you. And me, I will always be your mom and best friend.

I can’t wait for you to grow up and the two of us will have girl-bonding moments. I know we will have so many things to share and do. But now, I just enjoy you of being tiny, fragile, and cute. I can’t stop glaring at you while you are being breast fed. I always talk to you and you always listen even when your eyes are closed.

I love you Anyah and you will always be my baby girl forever!

Loving you endlessly,

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  1. Riah

    @itjcs: thank you tita jhonna..anyah loves you too..as well as Aisha..thank you for the nice gifts you have given to her. They were all useful. mwah!

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