A long week escape and my birthday

Tomorrow is the start of a long vacation in Oman. The government declares a week off break in honor of Eid Al Adha on the 26th of October. Lucky for me, my birthday, on the 28th, falls in between the 9 day holiday. Though I don’t throw big parties lately but I basically celebrate with my family and love ones. Of course, I never fail to offer thanksgiving mass or at least visit the church to breath my prayer of gratitude to God for all the blessings and another year of life.

In addition to my birthday, there are many events I am giddily excited to take place. As all of you know, I LOVE HOLIDAYS. I am happiest if I have enough time to pursue the things that I really love to do like travelling and adventure or simply resting at home and having sweet moments with my husband and at children. This is what i like in Oman. With the many holidays in a year, we get plenty time for family escapades and bonding moments.

The Chandelier made of Swarovski crystals.

My friends here Muladdah and the October celebrators agree to host a birthday party altogether. The four of us – Rod, Gerry, Kristina, and me – will bring food to a potluck dinner tomorrow evening. I expect that it will be a super fun and wonderful night as the guests will have so much time eating, singing, playing cards or bingo, and the typically highlight among many parties, the drinking session.

On Friday afternoon is the opening of first inter-college basketball competition and our team Muladdah is one of the participants. We will head to Seeb Basketball court for the ceremony, and I tell you we have our own Jersey uniform specially fabricated to support to the team and a souvenir as well. I get will ready with the cheers and pom-poms to boost the confidence of Al Musanna College of Technology players.

One of the display in the museum

On one hand, my college close friend, Elle and her family from Saudi Arabia will arrive on Saturday and spend four days with us. As a host, I have craftily planned the itinerary that for sure they will enjoy a lot as they get a feel of the life and beauty in my second home country.

On the 27th, Saturday, we will have the whole day until evening excursion in Muscat. We will see the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque and Children’s Science Museum in the morning. Take a quick lunch at Qurum City Center. Spend the lovely afternoon Bail Al Zubair, Omani French Museum, and Al Alam Palace while hike to Muscat Gate Museum and a leisurely stroll along Mutrah Corniche during sundown. When there is still time left, we will wander inside Mutrah Souq and possibly buy some Oman souvenir items. After an evening mass in Ruwi at 7:15 PM, we will all share a splendid dinner at Palayok in Al Khwair, known as one of the fine Filipino restaurants here.

The Altar in Ruwi Church

In the early morning when the clock strikes to this 32nd birthday of mine, our kitchen will smell in goodness and tempting aroma of freshly cook food that we will bring to Manumah Beach. Along with Elle’s family and her husband’s friends in Muscat, my family will spend a night camping in this beach located in Seeb. My husband and I drive to its location yesterday and found out that it is a coastline along a residential area where there are parks, pave streets, gazibos, and some trees dotting around the area. But the sand is not that sugary white and fine like those beaches in the southern part of Oman. Well anyway, the (fine) beach is and always will be a nice place to visit and relax.

After breakfast, we will pack and head home to take shower and prepare ourselves  for an afternoon drive to famous places in Rustaq and Nakhal. The destinations will include the Al Kasfa Spring, Rustaq Fort, Nakhal Fort, and Al Thawarah Spring. Perhaps, we will end the day with a visit to Al Sawadi Beach.

The hot spring in Rustaq

On the last day of my visitor’s itinerary, given they are not tired and restless, we will explore the shopping malls in the city or otherwise stay home and have some barbeque at lunch, watch movies in the afternoon before we will send them off to the airport for their 6:45PM flight back to Saudi Arabia.

The massive fort in Nakhal

The last day of October is a celebration of Halloween. Catherine, my sister-like friend, invited us for a night of Halloween party – MONSTERS, FRIGHTS, AND FREE DRINKS – at Al Ghazal Pub in Intercontinental Hotel. Live entertainment will include Cinderella Rockefella and DJ Junior. The entrance ticket is free to all in Halloween Costumes and free cocktails for ladies. Yepeeyy! It’s gonna be a fun and spooky night of dance, music, and drinks. Right now, I am planning to come in my Oh, Gangman Style outfit, yeebbaa!

The Halloween Party poster

On Thursday is a family dinner at Al Sadaf Iranian Restaurant in Seeb after an evening mass. This dinner is sponsored by my super close friend and colleague here in the college, Jhonna, as her birthday gift to me. Honestly, upon receiving that gift I was floating with happiness. She is a very kind woman and a loving friend indeed. I will take this chance also to thank her kindness and sweetness. I love you BFF!

with my super close friend – JHONNA

Well, on Friday, November 2, will be solely for household chores and cleaning tasks. Umm, I bet piles of dirty clothes are waiting for laundry and ironing by that time.  And the car certainly needs bathing too. So my kids should better behave while Jesse and I consume bottles of energy drink for a boost of adrenaline rush. LOL!

These are these are the stories I will post later. I will get back to you on Saturday, 3rd of November.  See yah all soon!

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