A Mom’s Bucket List

This summer we are all set for a long-awaited vacation in my home country, Philippines. We’ve got less than a week, so I make sure that everything is perfectly ready and complete as I had mention in my previous post about the things I do before our travel.

Now, I am doing a very nice job of putting into order our summer activities through the “things to do list”. But, I always consider my kids and I slot a portion of my vacation time for them. I will not make things too complicated because what I am after of is for my little tots to get a feel of our getaway and keep themselves happy and enjoy there much needed break.

I love being a mom and that is my life, a very good life indeed. One of my goals this year is to share more of my precious time and help my kids appreciate that I am always with them no matter what. After all, they are everything that matters to me. And so, for the whole fifty days that we will be away and being together, I have drafted my “Mom’s Bucket List” especially dedicated to my two wonderful bundles of joy.

Regular visits and dining at Jollibee Fast Food Chain – I guess most moms, in the Philippines, would agree with me that they can’t resist their kid(s) demand for the ever famous Jollibee. And that is what Jollibee is making a market, and even, I would love to go there not just for my kids to play but for me to savor their superb signature foodies as well.

We celebrate our son’s 3rd bday at Jollibee. It was so fun where kids really enjoyed a lot especially with the mascot appearance.

My son Andrei loves chicken joy, palabok, and sundae while I love the spaghetti and burger. I am just wondering how Anyah would be in this place so full of kids rumbling against each other while moms are busy chatting with other moms. Well, I will just wait for her eyes to pop out of her skull as she will meet unfamiliar faces or perhaps she may resolve into tears or blushes.

Swimming and more water activities – Honestly, my kids love water. And who’s not? They prefer any aquatic destination where they can soak, plunge, and dip the whole time through. But mostly, they like beaches…sands and sun. Lucky for us, my hometown Surigao, is bless with majestic coast line filled with an array of pebbles to white sand beaches lapped on clear blue seawater. So I really have good reasons to stay near the seaside and let my kids play and swim while we can make sand castles and pretend like good sculptors.

My son really loves the beach and water

Other than that, there are many wonderful pool sites around the city that offer wonderful packages where we can dine in and bathe at the same time. For one, the Almont Inland Hotel is just 15 minutes ride from home and has a really good and huge swimming pool where we can also check in if we wanted to stay for a night. Meanwhile, in Siargao Island there are many water activities we can do as a family such as boat riding, kayaking, or even paddling just in the shoreline. We are so ready for those things to happen because we’ve got our summer accessories and wet gears a month ago.

Strolling in the city and walking around the park – When I was a kid, I already consider a pleasure being able to play in Luneta Park every other afternoon especially after the 5:00PM Holy Mass (it is typically in Philippines that parks are situated near Catholic Churches for people to stand by and get a feel of the peaceful life in the province). My mom would buy us cotton candies and ice cream in cones. And really, it was fun in those days. Sometimes, it is in this park, where photographers gain income through people who would love to take pictures within the field, near the kiosk, or behind those unappealing statues. In the modern days, the park is furnished with audible speakers playing love songs to dance music and there are kids’ rides where the fee is really affordable. I bet with the affordability of techno-gadgets nowadays, people can easily take snapshots through their mobile cameras or smartphones. But for me, I wanted my kids to enjoy this place as I used to be in my younger days. They can run, jump, shout, and walk around the area. On one hand, I will also tour them around the city. I will share to them stories of meaningful places for me when I was a kid such as my old schools, churches, boulevard, wet marketplaces, hospitals, and museums. I will always carry a handy camera and take a quick snippet of moments we have in our beautiful city.

Watch wonderful kids movies and educational videos – If there’s one thing that my kids and I can hook upon, it is movies. We all love to watch those that are comical and magical genre of videos but I want those that are educational for my kids to apply what they have seen into their own life. Stories that are moving and inspirational will surely be on my movie listing which I will schedule to see every other day when we are at home. But for my little Anyah are cartoons like Dora the Explorer, Barney and amazing friends, or Mickey Mouse club house. I just love to see my little girl clapping her hands and babbling her own words as she watch her favorite cartoon characters while my boy loves Spiderman, Ben10, and the Avengers. I make sure to load our cupboard with popcorns and drinks as a side treat to them.

Baking moments and decorating cupcakes – Here in Oman one of the best time that Andrei and I have is baking our favorite chocolate chip cookies. So when we will be in Philippines, I will get him involve with my mom-in-law during our baking session.

one of my fave cupcakes that i used to bake during my past time.

You see, I am hats off with my mom-in-law who is so truly gifted with baking and creativity skills. She made those lovely birthday cakes when Andrei turned one year to five years old. While I will learn how to bake and decorate birthday cakes, I will let my son decorate his own cupcakes too.

the Encarnacion Ladies. My mom-in-law, seated on the left most side, is definitely gifted with baking talents as she made the two-tier birthday cake for Andrei.

So those are some pretty simple activities I set up for me and my kids to do during our vacation. Not too muddling but way too rewarding. I will make sure that they will have all the laughter and joy as enjoying their childhood moments even for a while and being with mom-me.

Are you also doing the same for your toddlers and kiddos? Share your own mother-kid activities here and perhaps yours are wonderful ideas too.

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