A “mother’s love” cake

a mother's love cake

a mother’s love cake

I have mentioned many times in my blog about the cakes and cupcakes ordered by my good friend and regular client Zeny. As far as I can remember she ordered spiderman cupcakes for her son’s birthday, christmas cupcakes, frozen cupcakes, valentines’s cake, birthday cake for her babysitter, and now this mother’s love cake.

I call this a Mother’s Love Cake because Zeny loves to pop out surprises to her husband Johnson and kids – JC, Enzo, and Zian – and she showed her love for her family with little cute things like this chocolate cake.


a mother’s love cake


The cake has a special message of “I Love You”.

a message of love

a message of love

I simply borrow the cake design idea from my Wilton class before. The cake is adorned with small daisy flowers and some leaves.

daisy flowers on top of the cake

daisy flowers on top of the cake

For me, giving a delicious and favorite cake for your loved ones is one of the sweetest thing to do and share.

How good it is to imagine you are sharing sweetness and love while taking a bite and eating together that cake.

Hope you find this post amusing. Come back again next time.


Lots of Love,

Riah – the lady behind Happy Baker Delights 🙂

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