A naked moist Choco Blueberry Cheesecake with Glazed Grapes


a closer look of the Moist Choco Blueberry Cheesecake

I hosted a post-Christmas party at home for my close friends in Oman. During the evening dinner, I baked my famous choco blueberry cream cake and served it to my guests. Peter Paul, who was once my student in Philippines and turned close friend after his graduation from college, really liked the cake that he wanted to order for his flatmates.

As a background info, the party was also a get-together gathering and my special celebration after I have my final contract and work visa sponsorship with my new employment. After three months of waiting, finally I am settled with my new workplace where I teach in a college in Muscat.

My former Peter Paul just arrived in Oman two months ago. I picked him from his accommodation and brought to my house in Al Khuwair. There he met my other friends and relatives. While we were chatting, he happened to get a taste of the cake. He was so amazed with the taste that instantly he have decided to place an order a week after the new year. He wanted to his flatmates to take a taste also of the cake.

The whole cake

The whole cake

I only charged Peter Paul a very reasonable price of the cake considering he is my very good friend.

As an innovative way, I used fresh grapes coated in corn syrup as a cake toppings. I call this a NAKED CAKE because you can see its bare sides.. I just simply use my creativity to make the cake still looks appetizing and tempting.

top view of the cake

top view of the cake

The cheesecake frosting filled in between the layers of cake and on the top as well. I tell this has become my signature cake after many attempts of perfecting its texture, taste, and aroma.

No wonder, after just 15 minutes of delivering the cake to Peter Paul, he posted on his FB account a snapshot with a caption:

a cake photo posted by Peter

a cake photo posted by Peter

“Thank you ma’am….for the spectacular cake . So love it. Craving is done. Yummy “. — feeling thankful at Al Mawaleh Sultanate Of Oman.

Imagine a quarter of the cake was already consumed. And they told me that the cake is one of a kind and world-class indeed.

I am truly grateful to hear this kind of feedback from my clients because it helps me to push and continue crafting my sweet creations according the standards of my clients.

So, I hope I was also able to trigger your craving for sweets and continue reading my blog.

Thank you so much for dropping by and I hope you come back again later.

Lots of Love,

Riah – the lady behind HAPPY BAKER DELIGHTS 🙂 

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