A naked strawberry red velvet cake for Frances

A naked strawberry red velvet cake for Frances


Frances and I are really close friends since she arrived to Oman in 2012. We are former colleagues in Al Musanna College of Technology. We both also hail from the southern part of Philippines and we can speak the same native tongue. Every year on her birthday, she always receive a cake that I specially baked for her.

Last year, I gave a moist chocolate cream cake when she had her lunch party at the newly-opened Adobo Restaurant in Al Mawaleh. But for this year, the cake is something different. It is a strawberry-flavored Red Velvet Cake.


I intend to have the cake naked, meaning no so much frosting on the side, to give a different effect.


The cake is filled with fluffy cream cheese and some strawberry jam made from Baguio City in Philippines.

The cake itself is also flavored with strawberry and i really love the smell of berries on the super red velvet cake. The cake is really tempting and way to delicious!


There are some bits of almond nuts and cashew nuts the surround on top of the cake.

Actually this cake was ordered by Frances’ secret admirer who had been caring for her for such a long time. Until now, she doesn’t have any idea who give her the cake!!

The almond and cashew nuts on the cake side

The almond and cashew nuts on the cake side

When I was working at ACT, Frances used to be my cake seller. She helped me market my sweet creations to our colleagues and friends. She get a good share of the cake profit order by the way. I really miss those times when we used to have our usual girl conversation in her office or the college cafeteria during our break time.

Now, that I move in to Muscat and she is hundred miles away from me but still we constantly communicate with each other using our social media accounts. I really love her as my sister and part of my family.

Well, other than the cake, I made an online piccollage as my greetings on her birthday. I posted the photo on my FB account with the caption:

To my beloved Pancit. We’ve been through a lot and all these years I’m glad we remain really good friends. Good thing you trust me with all your
Life and Happiness. I love you dearly and you are a person worth treasuring forever. May the Lord grant your wishes and heart’s desires. My family and I are always here to love and support no matter what it takes. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

my photo birthday greeting to Frances.

my photo birthday greeting to Frances.

This is another “cakespiring story” shared to you by Happy Baker Delights.

Lots of Love,

Riah – the lady behind HAppy Baker Delights 🙂

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