A new beginning…

I have been so fascinated with so many blogs i read in the internet. Most stories on travels, cooking, sports, life, and people’s amazing testimonies have actually inspired me and my husband because it is of the same stuff that we would like to do – creating a journal that tells the STORIES OF OUR LIFE’S JOURNEY.

For the past years, I kept a personal diary where I wrote down the many things I encountered in life since I was a kid. It is truly a nice feeling to look back to those times that I enjoyed and experienced the moments (including the challenging and heartbreaking one) that God has given to me.

Now, that I have my own family, life can even be more meaningful because I have a seven year old  whom I can share the moments we have together. Most of all, this 2011 is an exciting year for us since a new addition to our family is coming in August. My husband and I are doing some feisty moves and preparing all the things needed by our soon-to-be little Baby Girl.

There is a rush of excitement knowing what is in store for all of us.  I am looking forward for another chapter of our life as I hold greater hopes and excitement for colorful and wonderful things to unfold.

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