A perfect time to start…

Year 2011 is almost over and for me it is a perfect time to start my second blogsite. Why? Because Christmas season is here and I believe each one of us feel the spirit of giving and sharing. It has been a tradition of my family to always impart something to anyone especially if it can help someone’s life to get even better and happier in any means we can. And so, creating this blogsite is a way to share some pieces of me.

Smart ‘n Trendy MOM” is a place of wonderful ideas, practical inspirations, fabulous tips, and motivational musings specially dedicated to every woman from all walks of life – teenage girls, thriving single ladies, work-at-home moms, career moms, grandmas, and girl-wanna-bes. I believe every woman is special and needs to be loved and appreciated.

In “Smart ‘n Trendy MOM”, these women can learn how to keep their lives in full balance in the midst of their hectic and demanding lives. Essentially, women need to keep “smart and trendy” in any way they can.

With this blog, I hope I can reach and inspire ladies, especially moms around the world to see the good things in them and apply the small doses of motivations to keep their lives fabulous yet practical as it may seem.

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