A Photofrost Birthday Cake

My first photofrost cake

My first photofrost cake

This was actually my first photofrost cake ordered by my client Kathy. She wanted to have this kind of cake for her husband’s 40th Birthday.

The original photo was edited using Photoshop made by Kathy’s friend Zeny. I brought the hardcopy of the Photo to Lulu Supermarket in Al Gubra to have it printed using edible colors at a cost of 4 Omani rials. However, when I checked the result, the quality was not nice. The photo colors were faded and the faces were not clearly defined.

The original photo at the bottom and the edible photo at the top.

The original photo at the bottom and the edible photo at the top.

It was a challenge for me on how to make the cake beautiful using the faded photofrost paper on top. Well, with a bit of imagination and a good suggestion from Kathy, I used airbrushing technique to color the cake sides.

using my airbrush kit to decorate the cake.

using my airbrush kit to decorate the cake.

It was a purple yam “ube” flavored cake and filled with macapuno or coconut sport. The cake was heavy with a weight of about 5kg.

After decorating the cake using primary colors, I took a snapshot of the cake and sent it to Kathy. She was astonished to see the result.

Kathy recommended for me to buy my own edible printer so that I can accept cake orders with photofrost design in the future. I will see and check if I have the budget to buy.

I am glad of how my first photofrost turned out to be. Now, another achievement in my cake decorating experience.

Thank you for reading this post, hope you visit my blog again for more interesting and “cakespiring” stories.

Lots of Love,

Riah – the lady behind HAPPY BAKER DELIGHTS 🙂

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