A Premium Chocolates-Super-Loaded Cake for JM

A Premium Choco Cake with extra-special chocolates

A Premium Choco Cake with extra-special chocolates

Jhayanne Mikael is the son of our family friend couple Analyn and Rodrigo. This boy is loved by us like our own son. In fact, last year during his 6th Birthday, I made his Disney-themed birthday cake. This year, I made him a simple but yet super delicious premium cake loaded with all extra-special chocolates.

You see the cake is wrapped using a hazelnut wafers. Then, a blue ribbon tighten the cake wrap to keep it stick on the cake sides.

all so delicious cake

all so delicious cake


Inside the cake, you can find extra-special chocolates like the hersheykisses, maltesers, tobleroneferrerorocher, M&Mpeanutchoco, kinderschoko-bons and

take a close look at those CHOCOOOLLLATTESSS...

take a close look at those CHOCOOOLLLATTESSS…

Happy 7th Birthday JM! We always love you. another creation of 


This is another sweet creation my by happybakerdelights



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