A Red Velvet Cake for a 3rd Wedding Anniversary

a 3rd wedding anniversary cake

a 3rd wedding anniversary cake

Randy and Mei had just celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary last January 8th. The couple is my friend even before they get married.

Five days before their anniversary date, Randy sent a message to me on my facebook account inquiring about the ideal cake for his wife. So I suggested the Red Velvet because, for me, it is perfect gift for loved ones on any special occasions.

Randy requested to simply put the number 342 on the cake. To decode the number, it means “three years of blissful marriage with full of LOVE and blessed with two kids“.

A cake for Mei and Randy

A cake for Mei and Randy

By the way, Mei had just delivered a second baby, a boy, last January 3rd which also coincides with our 11th Wedding Anniversary. A wonderful coincidence really !

The couple had a daughter, Guia, age 2, and Maui, who is just 15 days old as of the date of this writing.

Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary Mei and Randy.. may God continue to bless your growing and beautiful family.

This is another “cakespiring story” shared to you by Happy Baker Delights.

Lots of Love,

Riah – the lady behind Happy Baker Delights 🙂


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