A return to Oman after a wonderful retreat

Hi everyone! We just had a wonderful getaway to my home country in Philippines. I am quite experiencing homesickness while at the same time feeling excited of another year here in Oman. These are two different emotions that normally happen to person traveling from two opposite sides of the world. One must be left behind as memory whilst the other one as an inspiration.

But anyway, I am glad that I have revived my passion for blogging after taking hiatus for nearly 50 days because I just want to dedicate my time for pleasure and relaxation. It doesn’t mean I forget all those sweet memories and throw them out into thin air. Remember I have my electronic device which I stored significant details of my day to day activities while I was in the island paradise. And now, I am ready to share them to you. That’s why I have another blog exclusively made for that vacation spree.


My New blogsite exclusive for our journey to Philippines

You see I have reviewed my own “summer bucket list” the first day I came back. I am actually happy and a bit proud knowing I almost accomplished my planned tasks. So that list will be my blogging guide as I make sweet and fascinating stories that I believe you will love to read as well. When I make a post, I will reblog it here on “Smart n Trendy MOM”.

Once I get back on track and on the swing of things, I will still also continue to write musings on my reflections on motherhood, sharing wonderful tips and ideas especially for our little tots, making travel guides as well as imparting tidbits of wisdom to keep our life in full balance.

So stay tuned! And don’t get impatient if it takes me more time to upload my posts because though I love blogging but still mothering is my first priority.

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