A rose cake for Catherine

a pretty white cake with red roses for Catherine.

a pretty white cake with red roses for Catherine.

This is a chocolate moist cake with nutella filling and buttercream frosting. I made this cake as a gift for my dear sister friend and business partner Catherine.

Catherine and I were friends since we both arrived in Oman in 2008. She is a free-spirited and bubbly woman who loves to travel and hang out with friends.

We both discovered our interest for baking during our past time and shared to each other our sweet creations. Until one time, in April 2013, we have started to our home-based business and participated in a Women Exhibition in Muscat. We were selling cakes and cupcakes! It was a very nice experience to know that people like our creations and we earned some Omani Rials after the Exhibition. Then on, we coined our business name Catriah Specials – derived from CATtherine and RIAH – the beautiful lady bakers.

As a way to treasure our friendship, I made her a beautiful white cake with Red Roses.

CatherineCake0And there’s the warm message written on the cake.


I Love you Cat! Happy Birthday!

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