A simple first birthday cake for Firaz

A simple first birthday cake for Firaz

A strawberry cream cake for Firas

My former colleague Khalsa sent me a message in my whatsapp number that she wanted to have a very simple but yet a cake with a unique flavor for his little boy who turned 1 year old last June 18, 2015.

She was able to taste the birthday cake I made for Frances last June 8th. With that, she wanted to order the same kind of cake for her dear Firas.

It’s an 8-inches and 3 inches cake flavoured with deep dark chocolate. The filling was a sweetened strawberries and covered with fluffy cream cheese.


an extra delicious moist choco strawberry cream cake

I also added slivered almonds to add some bit of exciting texture and bring a delightful flavour to the cake.

On top of the cake were real strawberries that were turned into a jam.

There you can see a sparkling candle with the birthday cake greeting.

Khalsa and her husband picked up the cake and they were happy to see a different cake design for their son’s first birthday.

Thank you for visiting me. See yah soon.

Lots of Love,

Riah – the lady behind Happy Baker Delights 🙂

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