A special Lightning McQueen Cars 2 cake for my son’s birthday

My son Andrei turned 9 last June 23rd. Instead of throwing him a huge party, that he was used to before, this time, we simply had a small celebration at our new home in Muscat. I heartily explained to my boy that we have lots of expenses this year considering that we just move in to the heart of the city and he just transferred to a new school. Gladly, my son understands our current situation and willingly accepted my suggestion. But, he made a request that truly delighted me so much, he wanted a nice birthday cake, the McQueen Cars 2.


Creating this wonderful birthday cake was part of “My Life List” for this year. It was my promise for my eldest child. Therefore, weeks prior to his birthday, I searched the net, read many blogs, and watched videos in YouTube on how to make a McQueen Cars 2 cake in three-dimensional form. I also went to Tavola, a famous shop in Madinat Sultan Qaboos that sells items for baking and cooking, to buy gel pastes in red, blue, and yellow shades for the icing.


We decided to hold the celebration on the 22nd because 23rd was the first working day in Oman. The night before, I baked the chocolate cake in two 9” x 13” rectangular pans and placed them in the refrigerator for easy molding and decorating the next day. The morning of his party I cooked our favorite Filipino dishes and begun decorating his cake at lunch time. The cake was coated with buttercream frosting.

Our closest friends came in the late afternoon and the buffet table was set and ready in time for dinner. On the center and in between the dishes, stands the 3D McQueen Cake for my beloved son. I took pictures to capture the amazing moment of my son’s 9th Birthday Party. And my son has his happy smile the whole time through.


IMG_8671 IMG_8672 IMG_8670 IMG_8663 IMG_8643 IMG_8642 IMG_8639 IMG_8661

Because they say that “sharing is loving”, I will write in my next post on How to make a McQueen Cars 2 Cake that you might like to make for your son or nephew.

The Happy BAKER – Riah

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