A surprising year-end gift

On Christmas day and while at work, my husband Jesse received an anonymous call. The man on the phone was congratulating him and had asked him to go to the Ministry of Manpower to claim his CHEQUE. Being astonished, Jesse verified the number on my mobile phone and surprisingly it was registered to our company’s senior recruitment officer.
Still doubtful yet a little bit joyful, the next day he visited the office in Ruwi. When he got back, he showed to me the CHEQUE. He was really smiling, a big smile that radiates from the innermost of his heart and soul. I was just staring at  the paper, but a resounding content and gladness came over to me.

I’d asked him what the Cheque was for. He told me, it was an award for a very good work performance last semester. Well, looking back those times Jesse was loaded with work demands and coaching activities. He was doing multiple tasks that were not even within the scope of his job description. Even after office hour, he had to stay behind for coaching the contestants for World Skills Competition. He normally got home at 7 or 8 in the evening and feeling tired, exhausted, and toxicated. During summer vacation, he went daily to Muscat for an intensive in-house training. But he never complained. While me as a wife, I gave him my full support and understanding. I comforted him with encouraging words and wisdom. So that somehow, he will continue working with patience and sincerity.

Gladly, he surpassed everything!

Now, all of his great effort, dedicated time, and valuable resources were well paid off. Someone had consciously noticed his doings and maybe recommend for his deserving recognition. In this ever demanding professional world, we need to constantly grow and acquire important knowledge and regularly harness our skills set. We need to be dynamic and productive! A good employee who is competent with a right character is a valuable asset of any company.

Because Jesse is a good man with a good heart and good deeds, he truly deserved what he is getting.

Congratulations to you my dear husband. I am always proud of you!

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