A tiny choco cake for Jean


the cake in a nice package!

I am a choco lover and lately my cakes are mostly made of chocolate.

My clients gradually embraced my signature cake and wanted to have a super moist dough that is delightful to their taste buds. So, I go back again to the basic of using Hershey’s Cocoa Powder as the secret ingredient behind the cake dough and cake frosting.


the whole tiny cake

The choco frosting is a mixture of evaporated milk mixed with granulated sugar, hershey cocoa powder, and vanilla flavoring then heated on a simmer pan. Once the mixture become thick, I mix the butter for a glossy chocolatey appearance.

And the result is so tempting! The cake is topped with bits of walnuts, choco sprinkles and sugar crystals.


yum yum yum….slurpppp!

So delectable and cute that comes in 6 inches size!

It’s an ideal gift for someone special like Jean.

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