A welcome lunch for my parents at home

A welcome lunch for my parents at home

my family with my parents and relatives

My parents came to Oman in November 2015. A day after their arrival, we hosted a family lunch at home. Our relatives and close friends came to welcome my parents as well.

Mama cooked my favorite Filipino dishes which I miss a lot. I love her signature homecooked “isdang pinaksiwan” or known as fish cooked and boiled in vinegar with salt, oil, and pepper. Papa loves this dish very much and it’s always part of his daily diet.


our table full of delicious Filipino dishes

I also cooked the roasted chicken and pancit bihon which is made of stir fried pancit and glass noodles with mixed vegetables. There’s also the fried eggplant coated with flour. The fish soup was truly delicious made of norwegian tuna with cabbage, tomato, and ginger leaves.


another view of our dinner table

Papa also loved the boiled sweet potato as an alternative to rice. Looking at our dinner table full of food reminded me of our typical family lunch back home. Oh… I savored the moment while eating the homemade dishes and chatting with my loved ones.

My aunt Sonia and uncle Audie came. They were so happy that my parents finally came to Oman safe and sound.


Papa and mama with Aunt Sonia and Uncle Audie

My close friend Frances and Darwin came as well. Frances used to chat with mama over facebook and it was their first time to meet each other in person. They instantly have the camaraderie and as if they have known each other for a very long time.


mama and my bestfriend Frances

After lunch, the girls gathered in the kitchen for some girl moments. We all shared the some jokes and beautiful laughter.


with my sister, frances, mama, me, and aunt sonia

Mama and auntie Sonia had a very good time reminiscing the past and updating each other about the latest happenings in their life! It was a lovely sight!


Mama and Auntie Sonia


Mama and aunt Sonia enjoying their chat

Meanwhile, I had a video chat with my brother Ryan who was in Hong Kong. He was able to see the whole family gather together at home.


My brother was excited because he will arrive to Oman two days later to join with my parents on their vacation.

Later in the evening, we all went to Muscat Grand Mall and had some shopping for my dear parents.


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