Almighty God’s Hands Work in a Perfectly Bad Time

Almighty God’s hands work in a perfectly bad time to help us discern reality and appreciate that He truly dwells in us. Oftentimes, things happened for a reason and give us insight to the great value of life’s lessons and keep ourselves humble and decent. I believe that this is true as what I have experienced yesterday. It was a day that was supposed to be a happy moment but turned out to be ugly and disappointing. However, when I tried to look back into the chronological oddly events, contemplate, and reflect, I discover the real purpose of the two happenings.So, this is how the story goes.

It was a well-planned trip for me and my family to go to Muscat in the morning of September 29 to work the things we have set on that day. First, we headed to BabyShop in Seeb to buy things for baby Anyah as the store was on sale of its wonderful items for infants such as clothes, footwear, toys, accessories, and other baby items. After we shop, Jesse started to run the car on a backward direction. We saw a taxi behind us that halted to take a passenger near our post. Knowing that it was a good chance to for us to get into the car queue within our lane,  Jesse slowly drove the car, and unexpectedly we felt a slight bump. We looked at the rear mirror and noticed an old-white-modeled Toyota car drove by an Omani lady in her late 40’s right next to the taxi. Jesse went out of the car and checked the back portion and noticed a scratch and bulge at the compartment area  resulted from the impact. He glanced into the old lady inside the car and began talking. I saw the gestures of their hands and expressions on their faces while dealing with the situation. I went out then Jesse told me that the lady doesn’t want to get into trouble and said it was fine at all. Slowly she drove her car away. I was staring at her and I had noticed that her car has many scrapings and brawls on the front and side areas an evidences that she was indeed a careless driver and she was clearly guilty of her fault. That instant, I also told Jesse that beforehand I have a gut feeling that he had to drive forward because of a clear view of the front way then later turn back towards the main road however it was too late. Although we were little upset with the circumstance, still we took lunch and proceed to our next itinerary.

After I have done with my hair makeover in Al Khuwair, we went to City Center Shopping Mall in Qurum and let Andrei play at the Magic Planet. When we were at the mall, Anyah was already crying and so hungry that Mara and I hurriedly brought her to the women’s comfort room located at the first floor to breastfeed while Jesse went to check Andrei who headed straight to the Electronic shop at the ground floor. After sometime, Mara suggested to place the baby’s bag underneath the stroller’s seat and took my wallet and mobile phone out. Although I was a little doubtful of her idea but still I agreed. However, the stroller’s seat got stuck so my baby was slipping down. Anyah wasn’t comfortable that I decided to carry and cuddle her from getting out of the comfort room area and into the hallway. As i was too focused with my daughter, my wallet and cellphone were out of my mind. Then I saw Andrei in the nearby toy shop on his wet jeans. He peed on his pants because he wasn’t able to make it to the toilet.  I was thwarted with my son’s appearance. When I asked Andrei where his dad was, he told me he didn’t knew. We just went to a kid’s clothing section to buy a pair of pants and fit the item in a fitting room. When I am about to pay for the item, I asked Mara of my wallet. Her answer was shocking and surprising. She reiterated that she handed over the wallet to me in the women’s comfort hallway. But the wallet was not on my hand. Only the cellphone was found in the stroller’s seat. That moment, I have goosebumps, I became worried and frantic. My voice started to pitch high and coldness vibrating to every fiber of my body. Thinking about the content of my wallet – cash bills of more than 150rials, credit cards, ATM cards, labor card, and other important personal identities- I felt even more terrified and shivering. Mara rushed back to the CR to check and anyone, but she came back empty handed and with no sign of being able to find it again. I tried to call Jesse’s phone but it was unreachable. I couldn’t fix my mind into that whirlwind situation – having no money to pay for the pants while Anyah started crying and Jesse was unreachable – my hand trembled as I dialed the customer care of my bank. I cannot remember my personal ID anymore. I texted my friends of the situation, good thing some of them ring me up and replied. I just need their support to keep me in my best composition and thinking. I handed Anyah to Mara and push the pram out of the shop and went towards to CR again. As we were on our way, I saw a man in his late 50’s wearing a blue utility uniform waiting outside the comfort area hallway and waving his hand on me as if he was telling me to get to him. I went closer and asked him if he saw a violet wallet in the hallway, but he just smiled and took a violet wallet out from his huge packet. It was my wallet! I jumped with joy. And so happy that instantly I gave him a monetary reward. First, I put 20rials in his pocket. He was saying “check it..check it” – which told me to check if the things in my wallet were complete. But the man’s characteristics rather catch my attention even more that I felt pity and added another 30rials. I emphasized to him that the 20Rials is his personal incentive and the 30rials for his family. Then he went back inside the hallway to his job post with a huge smile on his face.

After that moment, Jesse told me that I should have only given 20rials rather than 50rials. I stared back at him then the feeling of disappoint and madness gently descended on me. I became quite, placed the wallet and cellphone inside the baby’s bag, hang it on my right shoulder, walked away and sat on bench in front of the grocery section. I remained silent and motionless. This is the way how I react to certain frightening situations that confronted me. As most people said, it’s called “late reaction”. But for me, it was “a super delayed response”. Gradually, tears rolling down my cheeks. I wiped them away and wore my big sunglasses to shield my eyes. For an hour, I was just on that bench, silent and stunned. Just sitting, thinking, visualizing, and reflecting. I have thought about the money that was for our monthly expenses. I have thought about the labor card and putting more extra burden on my company and myself to get a new one. I have thought about the huge amount of my money that will be used up by someone else’s selfish benefit. I have thought about paying the bills that were not my spending. I have thought about putting myself in a great trouble. Such a great trouble that I will regret for the rest of my life.

While i was on that state, Anyah cried again for her milk. I went back to the CR, but this time, to feed my baby and pray. I was asking God to comfort me. Give me strength to clear up my mind, to remove the anger in my heart because I was disappointed with the whole situation. I was disappointed of Andrei who peed on his pants and added more trouble. I was disappointed with Jesse for being passive and unable to calm me down. I was disappointed with Mara of her thoughtless suggestion. But above all, I was so disappointed to myself of being careless, distracted, and absent-minded.

When we arrived home, I was still weeping. I can’t sleep. Many things came into my mind. Then gradually a sheer light of realization came to me. I put myself outside the box and see the situation in a different perspective. This time with God’s grace and enlightenment, I look back again and review the chronological events we have been through the day.

I have thought about the first incidence in Seeb area. Perhaps it was an Angel or God himself disguised in a form of a woman to keep us reminded to be always careful and watchful. Jesse must drive with utmost precaution because we were traveling with a small baby. Our car should be regularly checked and cleaned to keep it in good shape. And most of all to pray, to be patient, and to remain calm because Jesse will easily burst into anger when encountered with other reckless and careless drivers along the way.

Perhaps my wallet was intended to be lost and found by the old man who might in need of money. A man whose salary is between 50 – 70 rials only and whom I supposed have a family in India. He was a kind and true person. Honest to his works and deeds. The money reward I gave to him was nothing compared to the amount contained in my wallet and cards. The situation that happened in Qurum prompted us to focus, concentrate, and conscious with our spending and possessions. A reality that really makes sense – that our life in Oman is never about material possessions but about being thrifty and modest. We have to be kind and generous. We have to be contented with what we can afford and appreciate the opportunity that comes to us. We should prioritize on saving and investing our resources so that in times of crisis, we will not suffer so much.

Most of all, the situations reminded me that God loves us and He deserve to be loved even more. We should always be thankful even to the little things that He has given us. Our God lives within us. Protecting us from danger and wants us to always reflect and grow into a person according to His own image and likeness.

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