An Elegant Purple Cake with Stargazer Lily Flower

Purple Yam Cake with Stargazer Lily Flower and Briar Roses

Purple Yam Cake with Stargazer Lily Flower and Briar Roses

Russell and Jhonna are really close and good friends. On Russell’s birthday, Jhonna promised him a beautiful birthday cake as her gift because their friendship never fades even when they are miles away. I made this elegant Purple Cake for Russell’s celebration and he was so astonished to receive the cake that was made just right for him.

Their friendship flourished back in their early years in the Philippines. Russell was Jhonna’s thesis adviser. Then, they both landed a teaching job in Bahrain in the same university. Several years later, Russell moved to Oman where he got another teaching post in the Ministry College. Then, Jhonna followed but this time they were in separate places. Russell was in Muscat while Jhonna was in the province of Musanna.

They both really became good friends until Jhonna married to an English teacher from Atlanta Georgia who used to be her colleague at the college where she was teaching.

Jhonna and her family left Oman in 2013 and went to the United States of America in search of a good life. Their relationship never faded and they still continue communicating with each other.

As a gratitude of their lasting friendship, Jhonna made a pledge to always give something to Russell on his birthday and she choose a cake.

I used the edible flowers in the Wilton Course 4 project – the Stargazer Lily, Briar Rose, and Blossom Flowers. and truly it made the cake look so lovely.

a beautiful and elegant purple cake

a beautiful and elegant purple cake

Two days after Russell’s birthday, I delivered the cake at his doorstep. After an hour, he made a post on his facebook page and said:

My bday cake all the way
from Atlanta Georgia USA
(kaya late hehe!)
Thank you so much dear Jhonna &
sissy Riah Anyah …love it!!

— feeling loved.”

the cake inside the box:

The ube cake inside the Box

The ube cake inside the Box

and his photo:

Russell with his Cake

Russell with his Cake

Again it is with sweet gladness that I received such wonderful compliment from my lovable client. Another “cakespiring story” that I want to share to you.

Hope you enjoy reading. See you again.

Lots of Love

Riah – the lady behind HAPPY BAKER DELIGHTS 🙂

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