An Elephant Decorated Cake for Zian’s 10th month

Zian's 10th monthsary cake

Zian’s 10th monthsary cake

Zian is the third child of Zeny and Johnson. The couple has three little charming musketeers in the family JZ, Enzo, and Zian. Having a male-dominated environment, you could imagine the level of vitality and masculinity that is felt within the home. But, Zeny is an empowered mom. She knows how to control her children’s behavior and discipline them. Her soft side as a mother is evidently emitted through her gestures of love and thoughtfulness.

When young Zian turned 10th month old last May 25th, Zeny ordered a fondant cake decorated with white elephants.

The white elephant on the cake

The white elephant on the cake

I find the cake very cute and ideal for little tot. The whole cake is blue adorned with red and white accent like the sugarpaste balloons perched on a flower wire, and the half-circle border on the cake sides.

The red balloons

The red balloons

It is a chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache. The cake is coated with cream cheese before covering with fondant.

A close up shot of the cake

A close up shot of the cake

Zeny took a picture of the adorable Zian and posted on facebook.

Zizi and his cake

Zizi and his cake (photo courtesy: Zeny)

Look at how happy he is to see his cutie cake.

This is another “cakespiring story” shared to you by Happy Baker Delights. Hope you visit my blog again soon for more cake posts.

Lots of Love,

Riah – the lady behind Happy Baker Delights  🙂

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