And so we named him “KIANO”

our baby KIANO

our baby KIANO

When Jesse got his driving license, it was a total relief since getting a driver’s license is hard and difficult considering also the expenses incurred in taking the driving lessons as well as the effort and time of going to Rustaq (30 minutes away from our home).

Oman has strict policies on road safety and driving regulations which cause many expatriates, particularly Asians, becoming desperate and tend to withdraw and stop from aiming to drive their own car. And so for Jesse, it took him a year and half to finally pass the test and legally drive the highway.

Then the decision to choose the right car became a whirlwind scenario since Jesse and I have different car preferences. I choose the Sedan type of car while he likes the 4WD SUV one. Although we can say we are capable for both types, but I was more concern of saving money and making sure that our financial obligations can still be manageable.

After a month of visiting car companies and asking our friends’ opinion, we both agree of buying the KIA CERATO 2011 edition.  This type of car has everything we need from automatic transmission mode to its additional features such as power steering, power windows, key less entry systen, fog lamps, air temperature, etc. Most of all, the color “sweet orange” that we and Andrei love so much. Paying for the car’s ammortization is somehow light and affordable that will take us four years to pay in full.

We took the car from the Showroom on May 3 because we taught it was a lucky day for us (number 3 is also the day of our wedding). On the 5th of May 2011, the car was blessed in Ghala Church by Father Bose before we attended the holy mass.

Finally, after almost two years of waiting, we are so happy of having our first new car…and so we named him “KIANO”. Note: The meaning of the name Kiano is Tools Of The Wizard The origin of the name Kiano is African

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