Anyah is a Model

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When I was pregnant, Jesse and I have envisioned how our baby girl would look like by the time she will be born. We keep on teasing and hoping that Anyah will get the statuette and charm from her dad whilst inherits the beauty and talent from her mom. But one thing for sure, we want our little one to be someone we can truly be proud of.

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As my due date was nearing, the idea of having her photographed while being infant, tiny, and fragile was our ultimate dream. It was our way to cherish our little one’s individuality and infanthood.

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When Anyah was 10 days old, she’s already a model. In fact, the youngest model of her dad on his newborn photography concept.

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We simply borrowed concepts and ideas from the internet and revolutionized according to our own taste and style. The wonderful snapshots were taken from our bedroom and living room using some fabrics in different colors and textures then adding some simple accessories to highlight the image of our daughter.

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The whole pictorial session took a little longer than what we expected since our baby needs to be fed well, put into sleep, and ensuring she was also calm and happy. We endure on everything with more patience, love, and care. We also enjoy Anyah’s coos and “gurgling machine” sound every time she posed in front of the camera.

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This activity is just a beginning because we want to continuously freeze into still photos the remarkable moments of Anyah’s growing up years and childhood. After all, the experience is amazing and worth doing!

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