Baking and Cooking: My Passion for food

Food is my fascination. I never had the chance to give a good try for cooking and baking until I get to Oman. My passion for culinary arts is now even greater when I found the love and enjoyment on discovering ideas and styles from various chefs and experts.

During my past time, I simply downloaded recipes from the internet. I study the ingredients (good thing they are available in Oman at a minimal cost) and try to assimilate the baking procedure into my own style. Though there were times that I failed but I didn’t give up. Indeed, I have many trials until I come up with the almost perfect aroma, taste, color, and texture. Certainly, this is a rewarding experience for me as I am becoming IN- LOVE with FOOD and CUISINE.

One of “My Life List for 2013” is to pursue my passion for baking and cake decorating. I am actually quite happy of my achievements over the past months. Early this year, and with the help of colleague, Frances, I started selling cupcakes and sweets in the College. Frances is the cupcake seller while I am the baker. It was plainly a hobby (passion) that brought extra-income to my account. Later, my good friend Catherine and I put up a food exhibit during an exciting event in Muscat last April 4th. That day we both realize that if only we have to sustain our interest for baking then truly our hobby can be a good source of earnings to our pocket.

So with today’s advanced technology and the advantage of social media, we created a fan page in Facebook with the name “Catriah Specials”. It is one way  to attract prospect buyers to place order on our homemade cakes and pastries online. I personally invite you to like our page and get helpful tips and ideas related to baking. It is also an online board where we regularly post photos of our sweet creations!


I always have this burning desire to move to the next level and that is to try cake decorating using fondant and gum paste. Maybe I will take formal classes if there are any in Muscat because I promise to bake my kids their birthday cakes and develop my decorating and artistic skill.

So those are just the pretty nice things that filled up my precious time other than mothering my two kids and teaching in the college at the same time. And I am really enjoying what I am doing lately!

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