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From Left: Me (Riah), Queenie, Pinky, Mary Anne, Shing (the Chef), Zeny, and Ditz

It was a wonderful and inspiring baking class. We learnt a lot of baking secrets on how to make a perfect cake for any occasion from our good friend and amazing Pastry Chef Shiela.

On April 26th, I joined the other ladies, my fellow aspiring bakers, at the lovely home of Shing in Qurum Area. We were set to witness an actual baking demonstration by the amazing lady behind Crust ‘n Crumbs. There were only six of us – Ditz, Zeny, Pinky, Mary Ann, Queenie, and Me. The three girls – Mary Ann, Queenie, and Pinky – were Shing’s classmates in their cake decorating class at Tavola while Zeny was Shing’s avid client, and Ditz was the cousin of Shing’s husband. During the class, Shing made cakes in two flavors – Moist Chocolate and Buttervanilla. The taste of those cakes were so heavenly delicious. No wonder these cakes were her best sellers. She also baked red velvet cupcakes and decorated them with cream cheese frosting. We took home some cake slices and cupcakes. My husband and kids consumed all those sweets after dinner. Truly delicious!

Shiela (her real name) was a self-taught baker and now an amazing cake decorator. Just like me, her love for baking flourished when she came to Oman in 2007. She narrated that at that time, she was so bored because in the Philippines she was a working mother and a career woman. To get rid of boredom she normally visited and hanged out in the shopping malls with her husband’s cousin Ditz. Until, she realized that she can actually make use of her precious time to fulfill her passion – BAKING.


Then on, she researched on the internet, looking for cake recipes that she can try for the first time. She read many blogs, watched many videos, and studied almost all aspect of successful baking. Indeed, her passion brought her so much rewards that now she became famous among Pinoys. She’s the lady who baked very yummy and delicious cakes.

Honestly, I happened to encounter her online, at first, when I stumbled upon her fan page on Facebook- the Crust ‘n Crumbs. She wrote on her page that:

I’m a hobby baker.
I make and design cakes for family, friends and loved ones.
I bake Pinoy goodies for my kababayans in Oman.”

I found her cakes pretty and beautiful. I got so amazed that I hit the LIKE button of her page. Since, then I followed all of her uploaded pictures and posts.

Until, one day, her good friend “Kumare” Analee, who happened to be my friend too, mentioned to me that the cake of her son Asher’s first birthday was created by Shing. Actually, I saw her on the party but I was really hesitant to approach her because I was shy. But when Analee revealed that she’s from Mindanao, specifically Davao, I was delighted because she can speak my dialect.


I only got the confidence to message her when she posted online the Cake Courier she was selling for a very low price. Since, then we talked and shared our baking stories and mostly about cakes. Then, I personally met her during a birthday party of our common friend but it was very quick. It was the last Cake Talks 2014 that we chatted for a longer time and we’re really enjoying tasting the cakes at the competition. It was also at that moment that she planned to host a baking class for her friends. I signed up because I wanted to know her baking secrets. And I was really happy knowing that there were things that I learnt from her.

Other than baking, we also convened for one common goal – to establish a baking group in Oman that is exclusively for Filipino Expatriates. You see, we want to inspire other ladies who have the passion for baking as we have. As much as we would like to become an amazing cake decorators, we also want to teach them and share our experiences, tips, and ideas. We want to show to everyone that by simply baking a cake they could bring so much joy and happiness to the ones they loved. We want to bring these homebakers into one place where we can form a wonderful circle of friends and establish lasting friendship.


From Left: Me (Riah), Queenie, Pinky, Mary Anne, Shing (the Chef), Zeny, and Ditz

But, on the other side, it will be sad 🙁 knowing that Shing and her family will migrate to Canada this coming July. That’s why she wanted to extend her effort and support the group before she will leave. I know it will be her living legacy that somehow she will be one of those who initiated this very remarkable aspiration.

As of now, we are on the process of making the group page on Facebook. We wanted to call it – PINOY HAPPY BAKERS IN OMAN…And I know it will be a very good start for a wonderful and inspiration baking society for us all.

So good luck to us ladies…hope we can meet our goals before the end of this year!

This is another “cakespiring story” shared to you by CATRIAH SPECIALS.

Thanks for reading this post and I’ll come back tomorrow.

Lots of Love,

Riah – the Happy Baker 🙂

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