Basketball Photo Souvenir

Other than the regular happenings in the birthday party held last October 25th, there was a photoshoot of ACT Basketball Team to commemorate the participation of each player. The official photographer is our good friend Mr. Gabriel Aquino.

As this is the first time that the Filipino employees of Al Musanna College of Technology will join the Inter-College Basketball league in Muscat, the whole Filipino community in Muladdah is in unity and sincerely encourages the group to win in every game. My family shows our support by having our own Jersey uniform and attends in the opening ceremony scheduled the following day.

So here are some glimpses during the pictorial.

Basketball is one of my favorite game to watch

We will support dad to every basketball game he plays.

You might also like to see some funny and candid shots:

what those muscles are used for?

yes yes go go go ACT Team for the win!

These photographs are wonderful souvenir for my husband and my whole family -keepsakes we can hold forever.

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