Bears and Toys Birthday Cake for Hewston

A cake for Hewston

A cake for Hewston

On the last week of our school days, my colleague Josephine requested for a beautiful cake for her one and only child Hewston. Within just five minutes of our short talk about the cake, I knew what she liked for her little boy. My idea was brilliant because I designed the cake with a Bear and Toys which were exactly Hewston’s favorite.

Since it was the first birthday of the little boy, the family opted to celebrate his day at the summer camp where small kids participated in the month-long event at the Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Ghala, Muscat, Oman.

I considered this as a very cute and colorful birthday cake for the little handsome boy. I covered the cake layer with circle shapes that looks like balloons of different sizes.

the cute cake

the cute cake

There were two bears: one on top of the holding the number 1 character, and one below the cake playing with his orange ball.

Hewston05 Hewston04

The toy cars were also placed beside the first bear. While Hewston’s name were formed in this alphabet blocks.


The greeting message “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” were placed as individual circles that looked really like balloons.

When we delivered the cake last July 9th, all the kids in the room where cheering and clapping because they saw the cake along with the cupcakes, the 280 pieces, which I baked for two days. They were all amazed by the cake’s design and colors. I’m pretty sure, Hewston and his family had enjoyed this moist chocolate cake filled with nutella cream filling.

Happy Birthday Hewston and may God continue to bless you and your beautiful family


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