Beautiful Flower Cupcakes for Megan

Beautiful Flower Cupcakes for Megan

flower cupcakes for Megan’s 7th birthday

Megan is the first born among two siblings. This girl is smart and pretty. When you talk to her, she has a lot of ideas and plans in life. You will never thought that at a very young age, she has many dreams in life. Other than that, she is very precious and fragile like a flower. On her 7th birthday, her mom Grace ordered flower cupcakes of her party at school.

There were 40 cupcakes that I made of different flower designs like: rose, daisy, sunflower, lavender.


floral cucpakes for Megan’s birthday

The cupcakes are in varied flavors: red Velvet, strawberry, buttervanilla, and chocolate.

It was in the Philippine School where he had her party. She was very happy to see her cakes and cupcakes. The celebration continue even at their home.


flower cupcakes

Happy Birthday Megan, may you grow to be a beautiful and smart young lady.

Lots of Love,

Riah – the lady behind HAPPY BAKER DELIGHTS 🙂


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