Becoming like Mary

We were at the church last night and attending the mass celebration. I was enlightened with the priest’s homily on the beauty and significance of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who interceded with her Son Jesus Christ for us, her children on earth. Mama Mary captured our heart because of her humbleness to be of a servant to God and brought so much joy when she bore Jesus into the world. Many of us love her and adored her so much. Mama Mary is a perfect example of motherhood in the modern world.

The Blessed Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus Christ and Joseph

The priests shared that “how difficult it is for us if we don’t have a mother because she is an important person in the family but often the one being misunderstood.” “Many of us hate our mother because she tells us the hurting truth, she contradicts our likes, she nags on our mistakes, and most of all she cries when we are in pain.” Hearing these phrases, my son Andrei looked with his eyes wide tell that he understood what the priest was saying and he was able to relate on it. Then, he suddenly whispered “mommy, I love you and I’m sorry sometimes I make you angry and sad”. Oh, how my heart melted with these words uttered by my son.

On one hand, I also remember my mom. I reflected the homily, then memories came back to me. When I was still young and single, there were times that I argued with my mother because of our conflicting ideas and varying opinions. One time, I treated her with cold silence over her refusal for a group outing with my friends. At that that stage, I know I’m stubborn and impulsive so I ended up having a misunderstanding with her. She would always tell me that “soon you will realize why I am doing this when you have your own children”, which, in fact, came perfect truth.

Now that I have my own family, a lot of things have changed in me. Like Mama Mary, I become patient and kind. I become physically stronger and emotionally stable. I become wise and humble. I become forgiving and understanding. I become loving and caring. But  above all, I become a beacon of a stronger and happy family.

To give credits, I would like my mother to know that she is a wonderful and adorable woman. The one I will always look up too. Her values and modesty keep our relationship stronger and unshaken. I love her with all my heart and soul.

Likewise, I am also thanking the mothers for their unselfishness in taking care of their children, unconditionally loving the whole family, and doing the goodness and betterment of their life. They truly deserved to be praised and acclaimed.

Behold all the mothers around the world. May they shine brightly forever!

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