A Birthday Message for Andrei’s 12th Birthday

A Birthday Message for Andrei’s 12th Birthday

Today marks the 12th Birthday of our first child – Big Boy Kuya Andrei. I made this pic collage and posted it on my Facebook with a sweet greeting to my Prince:

To daddy’s buddy, anyah’s hero, and mommy’s prince, and family’s pride – our Big Kuya Andrei- Happiest Birthday to you!  Twelve years in existence have been an awesome life to you. You are a fulfillment of our promise to build a happy family. We are proud of what you have become. So don’t stop chasing your dreams and finding your own place in the sun because we will be at your back saying our prayers and giving you cheers and loud praises! We love you BiG BOy forever 󾌬❤️❤️❤️!!


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