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I’m a passionate baker, creative cake decorator, food blogger, and a career mom.  Thank you for visiting me.  Won’t you stay for a while, have a cup of tea with me? I’d like to get to know you better.

I suppose, though, you’re here to know a little about me. So here’s a little bit:

My passion for baking blossomed when I came to Oman in 2008. I used my free time browsing on the internet, looking for cake recipes that I can try for the first time and shared it to my friends and loved ones. Then, people actually loved my cakes and pastries specially my family. It had brought me so much enthusiasm. I ventured and pursued my happiness. I read many blogs, watched many videos, and taught myself almost all aspect of successful baking. I’m continuously learning, updating my knowledge, and improving my skills.

I’m into IT by profession and I’m an artist at heart.  I develop websites, design graphics, and create animations. But, it is with my cakes and sweet creations that I can express my true artistry at its fullest. It is like my creative juices and amazing imaginations naturally flow out of me when I bake and decorate cakes. No matter how tiring and exhausting, sleepless nights, but I absolutely love it!

Today, I’m a self-proclaimed baker and cake designer.  I design and create beautiful homemad cakes and delicious sweets for my friends, families, and loved ones. It is with my cakes that I met the most wonderful people and helped so many fellow mombakers in pursuing their own passion like mine. I do all that while managing our home and taking care of my family.  Things can get pretty insane around here, but, still I love it!

Whenever things get too stressful, I like to take a break by redecorating our home and rearranging the furniture, or perhaps making art crafts and paintings with my little kids, or tendering my flowers in our small garden. I love what I do and I love being able to bake and create cakes with my kids. I’m able to do all this because my “cake shoppe” is inside my home.  Taming a screaming tot while baking is one of my talents!

Soon enough, I dream to have my own cake outlet, a real one. Yes, it will be a totally different career path but I will really pursue what I really love and I know could be happier while I will have my grand time. As of now, I’m enjoying making my cakes in my kitchen at home. It’s my own baker’s den and fortress of my creativity and imagination.

What are the Happy Baker’s other delightful interests?


That’s why in this blog you can also see posts , about my own recipes, cake recipes, cake decorating ideas as well as our dining experiences in Oman and abroad. I also love to experiment dishes and have tried many food recipes which I personally made at my very own kitchen. It is also in this blog that I post tips and recipes for those who are crazy and passionate with baking and cake decorating.

Eventually, I want to publish my own CAKE BOOK. It will be my grand masterpiece of my baking and caking activity!

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