Cake and Cupcakes for Geerani’s Birthday

Cake and Cupcakes for Geerani’s Birthday
A birthday cake of Geerani

A birthday cake of Geerani

Geerani is a good and close friend of Irena. She works in a manpower agency where Irena was formerly employed as a lecturer and deployed in a ministry college.  Irena was also my former colleague in that same college where I used to work before. Since last year, Irena regularly ordered cake from me as her gift for Geerani’s birthday. But this year, Irena had some cupcakes as an add-on to Geerani’s birthday cake.

The cake was a moist chocolate cake  with choco ganache filling and coated with fluffy cream cheese.


The whole view of the cake

You can see some bits of maltesers chocolates that adorn the top of the cake.


Another angle of the cake

Meanwhile, there were 24 pieces of cupcakes that were made in varied flavors such as red velvet, blueberry, and banana.

cupcakes in varied flavors

cupcakes in varied flavors

These were actually premium kind of cupcakes before of the ingredients that were used and added.


When I personally delivered the cake to Geerani’s office in Al Khuwair, she was really astonished to see the sweet creations and very thankful of the thoughtfulness of Irena.

As a baker and friend of Irena, I am also very proud to see my extended clients so happy to see their cake and cupcakes. It is a total satisfaction as an avid and thriving professional baker.

Hope you enjoy this “cakespiring story“. Come back and check my blog again soon.


Lots of Love,

Riah – the lady behind HAPPY BAKER DELIGHTS 🙂

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