Caterpillar Cupcakes for Amber’s 5th Month

Caterpillar Cupcakes for Amber’s 5th Month
a caterpillar cupcakes for amber's 5th month

a caterpillar cupcakes for amber’s 5th month

What I noticed these days, that moms love to celebrate the milestone of their little ones. They usually have what I call a “monthsary celebration” where they prepare some yummy food and cakes. This goes on until the little baby turns 1.

Well, Joy is one of those very affectionate and doting mothers. No matter how hectic her schedule as a working mom, she always make it to a point to provide what is best for her daughter Amber.

Last October 18th of 2015, Amber turned 5 months old. And there I am once again, used my magic creative imagination in making her “monthsary cake”. It was a very creative design because instead of a cake, I made cupcakes! but arrange those cake-in-a-cup into a CATERPILLAR!

Sounds great, right?? Well, look at this little adorable-edible fellow…

In fact, it got 200+ likes on my facebook page!

the adorable and cute caterpillar

the adorable and cute caterpillar

Well, those are rainbow cupcakes. I made buttervanilla and tinted with the colors of the rainbow. Then, the cream cheese frosting connects and holds the cupcakes together. I bought some edible candies from the candy stall and cut them into the tiny legs of the caterpillar. Let’s not forget the smiley face of this beautiful creature!

And take a look at Amber who is very excited with her caterpillar cupcakes.

amber and her caterpillar cupcakes!

amber and her caterpillar cupcakes! (photo credit: momi joy)

Hope you like my creative cupcakes! Visit again my blog soon for more updates on my cakes and sweets creation.

Lots of Love,

Riah – the lady behind Happy Baker Delights 🙂


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